December 29, 2010

Lady Klaar :::Identity Theft:::

Whether it was your mother or father, your 5th grade teacher (me!) or your counselor in high school, someone has asked you "What do you want to be when you grow up?" In your mind, this starts a cycle of questioning: What am I good at? What job will make me a lot of money? What's the easiest career? However, the real question should have been "WHO do you want to be when you grow up?" Anyone can be a fashion designer, fireman or lawyer, but being yourself is the toughest job in the world.
There is one thing I need you to accept: every individual is two-faced! It's true! In fact, it's mandatory in the equation of success - you have to know when to wear which face. My mother use to tell me, "you can think whatever you want to, but you bet not say it!" *neck rollin', finger bobbin', eye lashes flickerin': DRAMA* And this is where you have the two-faced individual. You have your inner thoughts, which are how you truly feel and your external self who, in a lot of ways, conforms to whatever the societal expectation currently demands.

Internally, you know who you are! In your mind you crack jokes on everything everyone does, it's comical to you. But, to everyone else you may appear to be rude, and stuck up and perhaps a bit anal, even. This is always the challenge, expressing your internal self to others. Although, there is no easy fix and you can't keep apologizing for making curt comments that you didn't necessarily mean to be sarcastic, you have to figure out a way to exude that inner person with ease and sheer elegance. And, this same rule applies if everyone takes you for a joke. You need them to accept and understand that your sly remarks are meant to be acknowledged in a more serious manner. In other words, having the ability to hold a discussion that is meaningful, very lady-like.

Have you ever been in a situation where you just disliked a person, for no reason at all? Even if you tried and if Regis himself said for 1 million dollars, you couldn't put your finger on why this person rubbed you the wrong way? It has all to do with personalities. Some will match like a pair of aces and some will repel like oil and vinegar. According to Myers Briggs* there are 16 different personalities. Identifying your inner personality will help you to exude WHO you are to the world. Additionally, being aware of other personalities will help you to work better with family, friends and that dreaded co-worker. Simply because you are accepting their differences and know the ways in which to approach them in order to get what you want! successfully.

Take this revised test for an idea of your Myers Briggs Type Indicator. I was INFJ! Apparently, I'm gentle, caring, complex and highly intuitive! *raising eyebrows* I live in a world of hidden meanings and possibilities. Whoa, so dead on!! After reading the entire profile: I admit, I hold everyone to the same bar, the highest one!...However, I don't necessarily agree: my desk is always organized *side eye-pursed lips*

Care to share?? What was your MBTI?

*This website will not yield your cryptic MBTI code. Only licensed professionals can disclose such information. However, it will give light on where you fall on the spectrum.

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