December 28, 2010

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Split Ends
As your hair grows longer and for those of you who are rocking straight styles during the cooler temperatures, be ware that split ends play a major role in retaining length. Don't be fooled by the new growth, be more concerned with moisturizing, proper hair care and diet which yields long hair! Last week, I became obsessed with looking at my ends because they were constantly snagging on my sweater and as I ran my fingers through my hair got caught in my nails. I noticed that I had little knots at the ends of my strands and a few fork-in-the-road like follicles. I ran to the bathroom and spot checked with the quickness. I searched and destroyed as many split ends I could find!

Currently, I am seeking to retain length in my bang area and in that case I have to pay close attention to the way in which I manage and treat my hair. Sadly, the only solution to split ends is to cut them off! This isn't a major issue for me as I'm doing a 1/4 front, 1/2 back cut. But for those of you who are seeking to retain length, here are a few things that can help you to counteract a haircut the next time you go to visit the hairdresser:

Know the Causes:
I know it's a major deal that you look fly when you leave the house, but be cautious that daily styling has the harshest affect on your hair. The constant brushing, parting, separating and simply put, manipulating your hair, causes it to stretch and expand against it's will! Add to this chemical processing and the use of curling irons and you end up with dry, brittle hair.

If you must manipulate your hair everyday, begin to handle your hair as if it were a baby! Be extremely gentle, don't force combs or brushes through the hair as this causes those strands to break. And when they break they are uneven and the slightest snag causes a split to form. In fact, instead of using a brush, trying using the palms of your hands in order to smooth your edges. I've found that the palms of my hands and the skin on my fingers can be abrasive, therefore I always moisturize my hands with oils prior to manipulating my hair. If you must detangle dry hair, apply a moisturizer to provide a "slipping" affect and start with the last inch of your hair, brushing in one direction and working your way to the roots of your hair.

As previously stated the only cure to split ends is to cut them off!! The second part to this cure is to ensure you don't accrue more split ends. According to Livestrong there are several options you have to help ensure split ends don't occur. I especially approve the use of mayonnaise as a hair mask. My next adventure would be to make an avocado mixed with yogurt and honey mask!  They also recommend using jojoba, sweet almond, olive and castor oils to moisturize split ends and reduce friction. Just about all of those are in my cabinet! And my new found favorite, apply shea butter to the ends and a swipe of water to seal in the moisture!

A Few Things to Remember...
-Keep those ends protected as much as possible to include protective styling and securing your ends at night
-When you do turn in for bed, please sleep with a satin/silk pillowcase and/or scarf/bonnet
-Make use of a wide-toothed comb and a denman brush when washing
(If you have a bobble-ended brush, get rid of it! I'll be shopping for a new one myself)
-When washing, focus on the roots and less on strands. As the soap runs down, your ends will naturally become saturated. The over manipulation is unnecessary.
-Shampoo can be drying, avoid as much as possible. Instead use your favorite conditioner and once a month you a clarifying shampoo
-Blow dry your entire head on cool and then only apply heat to the first 3 inches of your roots
-Use henna instead of permanent color which can be the ultimate moisture sucker!
-Opt for sitting under the hair dryer rather than heated curling tools

What methods are you using in your regimen to prevent split ends?


  1. Thanks so much!! This was very helpful, I have already trimmed my ends ..,which was extremely hard for me;-( I will definitely try the hair mask to combat split ends !
    Best regards ,

  2. I needed this! I'm having major split end issues right now. Guess tomorrow is trim day :-/


  3. Your blog is amazing!! I know I'll be back again and again!! I am currently on that seesaw of whether I am going to continue being relaxed or go natural. As of late Ive noticed my hair getting thin which Im not going to take lying down lolz. But again I love your blog!!

    Bows and Lavender Lips

  4. @Z, definitely try the mask, I use the mayonnaise and that surely works wonders! I too am interested to see how the mixo mask works out. The good things is hair grows back and a short cut here will only lead you to long hair with the proper care!

    @Whitney, please do so in moderation! Being truthfully honest, whenever I begin to clip my own ends, I do one section at a time and one strand at a time. Be sure to moisturize and seal your ends as soon as you clip them!! Also, cut straight across: think blunt cut not flowers (which are done on an angle.)

    @Tima, I sincerely appreciate your visit!! Does seesawing include stretching between perms? Try a few natural styles, rod sets, braids, cornrows and if you think those are styles you could be comfortable rocking, then consider the next step: transitioning. I transitioned for 18 months because I could not deal with having short hair again! This process will also help you to identify if the perm is the problem and whether you should chuck the entire perm process all together. But remember, not to cause any alarm, just awareness, thinning hair could also be a health concern!

  5. Anonymous16/6/11 20:24

    I finally figured out how to post...even though I have no idea where this question would really fit. Do you have any tips on how to clip split ends. I've been wearing my hair in a protective style since March and intend to keep it in protective styles all summer (its too hot for anything else). I only go to the salon to get the ends trimmed. After an awkward experience with my last stylist I would LOVE to learn how to trim my own ends. Not everyone who "does" natural hair knows what they are doing. At this point I know how to do my own hair better than most people but I find cutting any of my own hair a very daunting task. Help!



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