December 4, 2010

{Weekend Worries}:::Tangled:::

So today would mark day 4 of my braid-out had I worn it and gone somewhere. Which I was supposed to, but at the last minute, he changed his mind. I'd woken up at 7 a.m., took a shower and was about to get dressed when he informed me that he didn't want to go on that adventure. After watching the news and a movie on the tele, I decided to wash my hair. Being lazy, I washed my hair in the sink: WRONG MOVE!! (now he just came in the house and wants to leave in 45 minutes-ahhhhh)

My hair was completely tangled :( I was to the point where I wanted to just cut it off!! But I struggled through combing it with soft strokes and then decided - I'll just get in the shower! *exhale* I am going to return to my *go-to* style for the next couple of weeks until Christmas. I know my hair is through with me! Kinda like a baby who didn't get fed on that 3rd hour!

Here's my plan, wear my a la famous Twisted Frenchie or the Pomp in France, braid into my 7 sections each evening, oil my scalp with K4K, moisturize my hair with hair milk or some other water-based moisturizer. I want my ends to be hidden until I go to get my hair done by Mrs. Cerise for Christmas!!

Now let me go get ready! *uggh*

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