December 5, 2010

Get Ya Money Up

Here we are 26 days away from 2001! Have you begun to reflect on what you've done this year and a few things you might want to change as 2011 rolls in? I'll be honest and tell you that I haven't thought about my life 2010, nor have I thought about what specific things I need to change in it. But, I have thought about one thing that will be changing in the next 15 months: I'll be getting married!

With marriage comes so many responsibilities, commitments and not just to your partner but in your life in general. Most marriages fail because of lies, secrets and the big duh: MONEY!! The first two can be handled one way or the other, but money can be a big deal - we've all heard of pre-nups. Lucky for Mr. Wright and I, we're both very money savvy! However, I know many of my readers may not be as stingy with the green as I can be.

Therefore, in 2011 I'll be adding a Get Ya Money Up column that will focus on money saving tips, couponing, budgeting; all and all how to be economical in a cash driven world. I want to give you something that isn't cliche like fashion tips or celebrity gossip. Teacher-teacher: I want to educate you on how to be a better person and prepare for your future! Now, remember I'm not an Economic Specialist, Mr. Wright has that degree, but I've always been good with handling my money, saving and spending correctly. So, I think I can at least share what I've learned, help a sista out!

With that said: What's your New Year's Resolution?

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  1. Kongrats sis on the engagement... I had no idea,... anywhoo my New Years resolution is no shopping from Jan-March saving money for GRE and GMAT prep courses... investing in my future
    -Nicole J.


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