January 12, 2011

{Lady Klaar} Hobby Lobby

Whether it's in my classroom as a reading teacher or in my personal life, having a routine seems to help me ease the stress of what to do next. Each day I rise no later than 6:15 am, report to school by 7:45, leave by 4 and head home to cook dinner and watch TV. By about 10 pm my body starts to shut down and I reach for my silk scarf, pink bonnet. After 8 hours of beauty rest, I rise to start another predictable day. Sounds quite boring and it is! But luckily for me, I have the blog to keep my life interesting!

In July I started this blog for two reasons, the most obvious: share my hair journey with other HAIRsistas and secondly as a result of living in a community that caters to the elderly. You must understand that most places close at 9 and there are two malls within a 40 mile radius of my house. As a young professional living in geriatric-ville, I found it disappointing that I was forced to be content with watching T.V. shows and grading papers. Blogging became my hobby!

I enjoy reading and writing and am fascinated by learning new things. I love sharing my knowledge with others and no, not just because I'm a teacher- I just found the perfect profession that utilizes my skills. Where I live I don't necessarily have the venue or the audience in which I want to reach with my message. I am pleased to have the Internet which gives me an opportunity to challenge myself by maintaining a blog.

What are you current hobbies?

What makes a hobby a hobby?
In my eyes a hobby is any activity that challenges you mentally, improves your skill level and in some way offers a social outlet. Additionally, it should require your attention at least once a week and be so interesting that you look forward to participating. Be advised that like the seasons, hobbies come and go. That's why it's extremely important to your budget that you don't fully invest until you are 100% committed to that hobby. Do a bit of research, purchase books that can be resold and find out as much information as possible. Be adventurous and if after a month you find yourself losing interest-move on to the next hobby.

Make a list of all the things that you are really good at or areas in which you'd like to improve. You want it to be something that you could potentially be passionate about. For example, perhaps your a tad over weight and ironically you really like cooking, you may be interested in losing weight or watching what you eat.. If you are this person, you could join Weight Watchers which has a high correlation between cooking and calorie intake.

In your interest to lose weight you might also find that exercise is your best friend! You could attend a dance class, play on an intramural athletic team, or join a gym. May you're not necessarily in to high-stress physical activities, however you work well with your hands? Join the knitting club, find a group of friends to play cards or board games or take a photography course.

The students in my class are involved in sports and other extracurricular activities in order to make them well-rounded students. Applying this same theory to womanhood and life in general, in order to be a better person you must challenge yourself by taking up a hobby! Whatever hobby you choose, try your hardest to be as consistent and committed as possible. Being content in our achievements make us successful; but it is our challenges that keep us succeeding. (personal quote)

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