January 26, 2011

Lady Klaar: The M.E.G.A. Woman!

Sadly, as we mature and life begins to move that much faster, we get wrapped up in the whirlwind of life and forget to shed light on those developing minds around us. Whether that mind belongs to a sibling, a parent, child or stranger, it is a lady's duty to make a M.E.G.A. impact on each life in which she come in contact with. No, a simple hello does not do; nor does your smile or warm embrace. In order to make an impact you must Motivate, Encourage, Guide and Advise! If you've traveled through the woods, give your navigation map to

How has someone been a MEGA Woman in your life?

Are you a MEGA Woman?

Do you MOTIVATE others?
What's the first thought when you think of the word motivate? I think of a coach who is giving the half time speech to a team who is down by 10 points. The players are slumped over with heavy hearts and overwhelmed with defeated emotions. As they listen to the coach they slowly but surely find a sense of empowerment and begin to believe in themselves again. Motivate simply means to give another a motive to complete an action. By telling someone you are proud of their accomplishments and believe in their goals and admirations, you are serving as their motivator to continue to strive for success.

Do you ENCOURAGE others?
Recall the Lion from the Wizard of Oz! He was terrified of Toto and had lost his sense of belonging in his world. He so badly wanted to have the courage of a ferocious lion. He wanted to embody the traits of a leader; someone to which all of his kingdom would look up to not frown upon. Dorothy helped him to find his strength. She told him that he shouldn't be afraid and that his power came from within. When you encourage others, you acknowledge their faults but ensure they have a clear understanding of why they are great. With this you give them the strength to be brave and fearless in the world.

Do you give GUIDANCE to others?
A short time ago I was with a close friend out to eat, observing the normalaties of human behavior and the subtleties of life in general. After having been in the restaurant for nearly 45 minutes, a group of blind adults rise to leave. Before I hadn't noticed the calm and collected animal beneath the table, but when he was given the responsibility of guiding, I couldn't help but to notice his controlled and protective demeanor. He moved through the crowd and down the stairs of the entrance patiently waiting for the guided to follow rhythmically. In the dog's sheer regard for his owner and companion I realized that to guide someone means that you have their entire life in your hands. A great responsibility that includes maneuvering ghem through obstacles, both small and grand, and being aware of where they are in their existence at all times.

Do you ADVISE others?
For most anything that requires advancement, whether it be in education, career, life or social endeavors, most everyone can admit there is someone who they confide in to advise them on the steps to take to reach their goals. I can recall having a college advisor whose roles was to give me direction on the classes to take in order to attain the credits essential to my degree. He asked me about what my involvements were and the amount of time I would truly have to commit to my studies. At the end, we agreed that taking 14 credit hours would be best as I would be extremely busy with the Royal Court. Most simply put, advise means to join in on the examination of a concern. Therefore, when giving advice once must listen and then advise. Being an advisor requires you to evalutate and synthesis a plan for the person coming to your in need. Active listeners reflect and respond rather than react. Advisers reflect on what their advisee has stated in order to give the prope direction.


  1. Feel Ya 100%. Theres a proverb (unknown author) "When a tiger passes they leave their skin, when we pass we leave our name(sound)" Its soo important to make a MEGA impact. Theres so many people out their who are thirsty for it....even ourselves. Working in a school has allowed to me get involved with many people (colleagues and students) .

  2. I can definitely relate to needing it myself. Granted as a MEGA woman you're supposed to "have it all together" but then if you did what would be the point of life if you were so perfect? Mistakes are what make us great. It is our experiences that shed light on success. Life is about constantly seeking out new opportunity to advance yourself and in doing so..being a MEGA woman won't hurt!

  3. Fabulous Hicks4/2/11 02:07

    I think I am a MEGA woman... or at least I try to be with my own swagg, of course. It starts by just picking up the phone or checking up on someone or sending a random text to that person that says" you can do it". Consistency is essential!!!! The follow up becomes the challenge for me especially with a busy schedule.

    I try to give unbias advice and realistic encouragement not the...YOU CAN JUMP OFF THE BRIDGE AND LIVE type of encouragement. I want the world to hope and dream BUT BE REALISTIC! I am a walking testimony that anything is possible with a little faith in your heart! I didnt have a MEGA woman growing up....so I strive to be one in my daily life.

    This is a great post!!!! Not only is the content perfect and accurate.....i feel the passion behind the words...

    Continue to be a MEGA woman NWright and encouraging others to do the same!




I sincerely appreciate the comments! From one selfless person to another, thank you!