January 25, 2011

Sista Speaks

Styling Tools

Along my journey I have used several different styling tools in order to assist with the manipulation and styling of my hair. With a mixture of trial-n-error as well as researched recommendation, I've decided to use 3 essential utensils: denman brush, wide-tooth comb and the rat tail comb. For a very long time I was using a paddle brush (pictured in the banner above), however, after further research I was informed that using utensils with plastic balls on each bristle can increase split ends and increase damage. Needless to say, I was done with the paddle brush!

In previous months, I would use the paddle brush (then the denman brush), to detangle my hair while washing. Recall that I am on a new hair regimen that includes more water and I saw an increase in hair strand loss. I decided to begin using the wide-tooth comb to detangle instead. Additionally, if I decide to skip a wash day, I will detangle with the WTC and then use the DB thereafter. The rat tail comb is used only when braiding, rodsetting or twisting. I most often use it for the purpose of creating precise part. Rarely, do I use the section with the teeth, simply the "tail" of the comb. I've used the teeth of the comb after my hair has been detangled, but to smooth the hair out prior to rodding.

Notice that I did not mention a boar bristle brush. As my hair has become healthier, I am able to smooth my hair with the palms of  my hand and rarely have unruley fly aways. To be quite honest I was always weary of using brushes either they're too soft and cause static strands or too hard and leave my scalp sore. Until I become unamused with the effects of the denman brush, the wide tooth comb and the rat tail comb, these are the tools that will play a major roll in my hair regimen.

What utensils do you use to style your hair?

For more information about styling tools

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 Widetoothed Com/Jilbere Shower Comb

It is generally larger than the styling comb (six to eight inches in length) and can have teeth that are as much as ¼ to ½ inch apart. In many cases the teeth are wider at the spine of the comb and taper toward the ends to aid in separating the hair. A wide-tooth comb is good for combing through wet hair and for combing dense or curly hair.

Denman Brushes, specifically D31 and D41

Typically used for THICK or CURLY hair AND used for DETANGLING. The rows are spread apart to allow the hair to actually flow through the brush and the pins are spread apart as well. The D31 medium size brush has 7 rows and is for all lengths of hair. The D41 large size brush has 9 rows and is for medium to long hair. Each brush is formulated with an anti-static rubber pad that provides maximum grip for blowdrying and styling.


  1. For now, I just use my hands and the denman brush! I would love to try that tangle teezer. I shall get one on my next trip to the States!

  2. Tangle teezer, something I will definitely look up! Yes...I didn't mention my hands cause they sure do most of the work don't they!


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