January 24, 2011

Konfessions and Suggestions

I know you are tired of Weekend Worries and All Done Up, I apologize for neglecting the other articles of concern! It's not that I've lost motivation or am in need of topics to discuss, believe me my little black book is full to the max, but I want to catch up with you and be sure I am fulfilling your needs.

No plate of food is worth eating if you aren't going to be fed when finished!

The Treasure Trove
The Treasure Trove is a place where all things deserve a second chance at love. In other words, all items purchased under the TTT tag are for purchase! If you see something you like, don't hesitate to click the buy now button. It will take you to a secure PAYPAL account where you can purchase online. Additionally, all items will never be over $25! Help me out: Should I continue this series? What items shall I look for? What size, styles and items would you be most willing to purchase? What can I do to intice you interest!! HAHA

Sista Speaks
My second favorite series! Sista Speaks usually gives me the opportunity to connect with my readers, do a bit of research for myself and then do what I do best, teach others about topics of interest. Do you believe that my topics are informative? What topics are you most concern about? How can I better reach my audience?

Lady Klaar
I absolutely enjoy this column!! Nothing fills my heart more than spreading the news about how to better yourself! Who doesn't want to be great, WRIGHT! I know many of us can relate with the whole "Imma strong black woman" attitude, but somewhere along the way we went astray and got a few things wrong! What area's would you like to improve in your life as they related to being a lady and enjoying womanhood? I don't have children yet, but I've taught 100+ students, dealt with their parents and have a few ideas about parenting I'd like to comment on when we get there!

Get Ya Money UP!
Now, I can't keep you from spending, but I can sure inquire about how your spending is going! Have you created your budget yet? What areas are you spending the most in? Did you try the BP gas card? I did! What other concerns do you have in regards to getting your money up?? Have the current topics been useful?

Again, I thank you for being a loyal reader and if today is your first day visiting, don't be afraid to join in on the discussion and come back daily!! My goal is to ensure you are reading articles that will have a life changing effect on you. I love the ideas of blogs as people are reading content to entertain themselves, which reiterates that there is a weatlh of knowledge to be gained through reading. I truly appreciate your presense and each day when I log on and see the love notes and visitor counts it reminds me that one of my purposes in life is being fulfilled!

With love to last a lifetime,

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