January 22, 2011

Protective Style: Scales and Tails

As promised, I braided my hair today! It turned out absolutely gorgeous if I may say so myself. I may even have a sig style, what do you think? We'll see! I'm going to call it: Scales and Tails. For some reason braids have always reminded me of scales. I think it has to do with how intricate and precise they are that reminds me of the scales on a fish! I used the blue rods in order to create the tails. I am going to shop for the smallest rod size to create longer tails! Enough talking, here are the pics from start to finish!

{Separate the hair into two sections}

{Make one part at the line of your ear, then separate into two sections}

{Braid four horizontal braids going toward the center on each side}

{From your center veritcal part, create a perpendicular part infront of your ear.}

{Create a mid section on both side. An inch at your perpendicular part to the corner of section.}
Create midsections in the front as well. Instead of making triangles, make rectangles.

{Begin to create horizontal braids. Be extremely sensitive to your edges. Taunt not tight!!}
Braid until you have a triangle remaining on both sides

{Decide which side came out the best. I think my left side (right pic)  is neater than the right (left pic) LOL.}
Left pic: The top three braids are the triangle that was left over, that I went ahead and braided.  

Close-up of the left side.
{Unbraid the midsections. Reserve the front 3 inches, parted at a diagonal for rod setting.} 
{Two-strand twist the entire mid-section. This will help to create bulk in the hair style.}

{Protect your ends by securing in a French Roll. Secure with hair pins.}

{Rod set the front and use a hand dryer for 20 minutes!}



  1. That is a fabulous do. I wish I could cornrow I would try it :)

  2. I love it Kay! SO Fab....

  3. *in my martin voice* Danggggggggggg Ginaaaaaa! Oh this is so cute!!! It's hot & sexy! Just what chah mammah gave yah!!!!! Yep it's a signature style!! And leave it to you to figure it out - amazin! Dang, i'mon have to buy me some fake shake just to get dis here...I even like it without the curls caz you know i got dat bush-waggah-swaggah in me! Ummm the toothpick corn-rows - can't noboby braid that tiny but you... imon just shave the sides instead (LOL)! Git-it #chileplease #ochocino You bettah WERRRRRRRRRK it!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Hotness! I really wish I could braid my own hair!

  5. @Nik!! I've been braiding for 15 years. I use to braid hair in the neighborhood on the porch
    and all!! Then I started braiding my own hair! I figured if I could make mine look nice, then I could do some damage on someone else!

    @Atarah!! Thanks babe!! It's so easy and carefree

    @Speck0615!! Thanks Ma!! Please don't shave your sides off!! That would not be a good look..ICB...Not to mention..my wedding is in a year!!

    @Retromus-ik!! Girl you can braid your own hair!! Do one braid everyday. Practice makes perfect!

  6. Thank you for the compliment! I love my hair too, but they need a lot of maintenance!!

    PS: I'm sorry for my bad english! lol
    You can follow me if you want!


  7. This is too adorable! I love it.

  8. Thanks for your comment :) I love your blog!!!


  9. Love it! so i think i forgot how talented you are...i am definitely making the drive asap to have you hook me up! :)

  10. your hair looks FABULOUS like this!

  11. That style looks GREAT on you! I really like it :)

    That GOOD GOOD Blog

  12. This style is so on point, I will be trying it out very soon.

  13. I so want to try this!!! my hair is much shorter but I'll figure out a way to alter it!!
    how do you maintain it at night?

  14. @Ronisha, @Zarna, @Dee O., @CurlCrescendo
    Thanks ladies...It seems that the 4 hours it took to accomplish this style paid off!!

    @Cathy...it's okay...I'm sometimes forgetful too!! I wonder what the next month entails.. I love you, babe!

    @Teshia...I think this style will be easy to achieve on any hair length starting with atleast 4 inches. Instead of doing the french roll you could braid the braids together kinda like the Stega and in the front do two-strand twist instead of the rods. I actually ended up with the 2-strand twist because I was tired of the rod set. Sleeping is simple, just swoop the bangs to the side, and tie it up as normal. No extra care needed! Very easy!


I sincerely appreciate the comments! From one selfless person to another, thank you!