January 20, 2011

{Weekend Worries}

:::Regimen Update:::
So, I've been trying a new routine: use more water and natural products for the past 3 weeks and I must say, it has been going quite well. The first week, I was trying to "rejuvenate" my hair; as I was still wearing the two-strand twists I co-washed, allowed my hair to air-dry for about 20 minutes and then secured with a shower cap, my silk scarf and satin bonnet. I believe it is called the "bagging" technique. Quite, honestly I just left the shower cap on one night and fell asleep and my hair was so silky soft the next morning.

I've also stopped using a denman brush. Now that my hair is loose again I find that the more I co-wash, the more I want to detangle. However, I felt I was over manipulating my hair and working backwards. Instead of a denman brush, I've turned to a wide-tooth comb. Sadly, I think I may have left my Wen conditioner in Tallahassee and thus, I need to find a new conditioner that is au natural! (Any suggestions) But until I find a new one, I will just stick to using my water/olive oil mix and K for Konkashun.

All week I've worn the Smilin' Frenchie. Tomorrow I am planning to corn row my hair. Although, I am not looking forward to it, I am not happy with my ends being exposed and the constant daily manipulation. Once braided, I figure it will be protected and less stress!

Any suggestion on how I should cornrow it??

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  1. my last name is wright. maybe we're related :]


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