January 18, 2011

{All Done Up} Weekend Edition

Although I'm behind on postings, I think you will be extremely happy that I waited until today to post my Friday All Done Up!! (I'll be sure to be back on track by next Monday) Over the 3-day weekend I thoroughly enjoyed a mini-vacay with several of my favorite people (and animal) of the world! The last time I partied this hard was when I was in college and as my bff's boyfriend put it...I was re-living my life!! LOL

{Kay-ute!! I was fly all weekend, boo!}
Friday: Simple braid out. Actually, not so simple! I actually braided my hair Thursday night at 9 pm and didn't want to put any water on it because I was afraid it wouldn't dry and I would have to wear braids to school. Friday morning, I realized I forgot to factor in humidity and the lack of styling product and ended up braiding my hair while my students were at P.E. Yes, I rocked the braids at school -but, all of 10 minutes! As soon as school was over, I drove to Wal-mart to buy some mousse and to get cash back. In my car, I wrapped my ends around the rods and then drove the 5 hours to Tallahassee! Turned out better than I thought! I'm glad it dried!!!

Saturday: Tried something new on a day old braid-out. I rolled the bang and section B to the side, did the same with section E and secured the two rolls in the center of section B and C. I left sections F and G free.
(Confused? Kreationz Guide Coming Soon.)

Sunday: Stega Tails: Washed, detangled and light blow dry. Straight enough to manipulate, but still textured to hold a style. Leave out only the bang section and secure the rest of your hair in The Stega. Then using the red rods, I rodded the front section at an angle. Once again, I didn't use any styling products. Really trying to get away from alcohol based products. Just water, 20 minutes with the blow dryer and unravel.
(Kreationz Guide Coming Soon.)


  1. I love each hairstyle... Also, I notice you've expanded your banner and changed the color of the text. Looks good. :-)

  2. I love the friday pictures! I Hope you can have a time to visit my blog! I just start it!



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