February 6, 2011

30 for 30: Worn Out!

So, I've decided to take the 30/30 challenge thanks to my blogger friend Whitney...but with a few exceptions. According to Kendi, you must select 30 or less items from your own closet, wear the same pieces for 30 days (to include shoes),  and restrain from shopping. I might wear a few pieces from my closet on the weekends and if I go out of town for a swanky event, then I'll definately take a few more items from my closet. But for the most part, I will be loyal to wearing my 30 pieces and making notes of what pieces I need to add to my wardrobe and vice versa. Addtionally, I may switch out pieces, no more than 2 though, promise.

I've already discoved that I need to add more colorful bottoms both in solids and prints. Currently my skirt collection's color pallet falls within the nuetrals: brown  ( 3 skirts), grey (4 skirts), black scales (5 skirts) and to be quite honest: it is very boring. Disclaimer, I'm not a fashion blogger, but I am trying to take a more cautious approach to purchasing items to ensure that the money I've spent on clothing is budget-friendly and not wasteful!

I've also been following Elaine who is a mormon fashion blogger. I love how committed she is to both her religion and fashion! Being a school teacher means my attire has to be a bit more modest and reserved, however, I don't have to lose my flair while trying to cover up for school.  Lately when shopping, I have started the habit of buying clothes simply for school, which defeats the point and purpose of a wardrobe. From this I hope to gain a sense of what clothing items to purchase that will be versatile and have the ability to be worn with more than one outfit. Elaine even says what the purpose of buying clothes if you aren't going to wear them. Seriously, isn't that the point of clothes: to be worn, out!

So here are the 30 pieces:
What pieces should I wear together??

For a closer look...

Help me out: What should I wear together?? 


  1. I really like the jean top. It would be swell with the red shoes and the pair of black pants.

  2. Kay,

    I didn't know you'd joined in! My blog has been down all week, so I've been suffering lol Not to mention that 30 for 30 is kind of kicking me in the tail :-) How's it going for you?


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