February 3, 2011

{Lady Klaar} Show Stoppin'

* Warning: this post is not for the soft-hearted!*

Even at three-years post my college experience, I am still evolving as a lady. Quite honestly, I don't think this cycle ever stops. Think of it this way: if you are aspiring to reach your fullest potential, then you should always be in the stage of evaluating yourself. As a lady, you should constantly reflect on your progress and make the proper adjustments or changes where necessary.  I believe that even the most profound female figures had idols and icons that they once looked up to and imitated in order to create their perfect selves.  I am sure that each of us had someone in mind who we wanted to be "just like.." when we grew up. Children learn behavior through imitating what they see around them. Therefore, I am sure that there is an audience who is watching your performance. But, what type of performance are you presenting?

A Street Korna Production: 
Moving to Florida from the Tri-state area has been a mind-boggling experience. Don't get  wrong I have adapted quite well and enjoy the culture to include the food, music and simple idiosyncrasies, but my goodness are there some GHETTO people who live this state. There is a difference between COUNTRY and HOOD! And please believe, the GOONS are in full effect in Florida, baby! Ghetto, hood, and gettin' it! All up and through here! There's colorful hair, crunchy hair, drunken-but-I'm-sober grammar, "smack poppin," over exaggerated hand talking, neck rolling, Fantasia Voice, rolled s', uncontrolled r sounds, dropped r sounds, added r sound, added k sounds, boo after every word, "finna" "did-dat." I mean I could go on, but I think you get the picture. Matter of fact, here's a few pictures:

Ooo gurl, *smack* dat hur iz ruuul krute. Let me take dis pickya
Smile for me Daddy and let me see ya grill
Yes, he's in jail!

A Broadway Play
Although I've never been to a Broadway play, I can only imagine how glamorous, sophisticated and suave each play must be! In order to even try out for a play on broadway you definitely have to have your stuff in line. Actors become their characters and deliver a fierce performance, no errors, miscues or mistakes, sheer perfection! And even if they are caught off guard, they are so thorough that you would never notice.  Not to mention the people who usually attend the high-class plays are arrogant, sassy and a bit stand-offish! 

As a child you couldn't tell me that these weren't real cats!

An Opera:
I love a good concert, especially when it's an artist whose cd I have and know the words so I can sing along. I'm sure if I would have won tickets to Beyonce's concert, I would have been Beyonce, bump her - you must not know 'bout me! However, Operas on the other hand...well they're like Brussels sprouts and asparagus you have to aquire a taste for them. No I've never purchased a ticket to an opera, but I love the part in The 5th Element when the Blue lady sings! Oo-oo-oo-oooohh *doing the arms* Okay, so that doesn't count...technically. Granted Operas have a storyline, it takes too long to follow what is going on and then the language barrier and bravado, octave genre that I must keep up with - it's too complicated.

I love this movie! I always watch it when it comes on TV

So which one are you? I think the perfect woman is a mixture of all three and has the ability to code switch between each venue with ease. This makes me want to create a test! What kind of Show Stoppa Are You?


  1. Erica Hicks4/2/11 01:26

    WoW! Those Florida stereotypes were... OUCH. Don't forget that those same people exist throughout the world. I've travel to many places and I've seen a lot of this "ghetto-ness" in Chicago, Brooklyn, Bronx, DC, VA, and Cali ----> SOME WORSE!

    With thorough research, I learned that this is "our" culture (or some may think)! Our, as in African Americans, not Africans. 70% of Black stereotypes result in the thought that we are hoodlums with gold teeth and blue hair.

    But... I ask you NWRIGHT, How can we change this generational curse that has been passed down in "our" culture for decades??? How can we change the stereotypes on the black community?


    Also, I've been to several Broadway plays! This is one of my favorite things to do along with going to the spa and the beach. Its a time to dress up and enjoy an elegant night of "fine entertainment". Come back to New York....I promise you a date!


    Fab Hicks

  2. I think it is important to be a mix as well. But I think that often we don't want to put ourselves in the categories that are stereotyped negatively such as the "street korna production".
    For many of us this is where we start; A foundation and environment that we are born and bred into. However, we must not foget that with the crunchy hair and "did dats" there are many positives that come from the "korna" such as getting to know people for who they truly are and not just judging them by the color of the hair or the number of gold teeth they have acquired.

    Also, Opera and a Broadway functions are very much like the "Korna Productions" because all of the participants have been trained or have a natural gift to be the character in which they portray.

    I think in order to become a well rounded women you must not only accept but learn to see the beauty in each PRODUCTION or you will have missed an event or a person that could have been beneficial to your existence.

  3. Whitney Mignon Reed4/2/11 14:25


  4. I've been to one "Broadway" play, and want to see more. Fun times for sure!!!
    Hey LoveNWright, Thanks so much for the link:) I really appreciate it!

  5. I love Broadway plays. I make sure I always see at least 3 when I go to New York. I think its important to be a combo of all 3. You definitely have to know how to balance and adapt depending on where you are.


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