February 1, 2011

{Sista Speaks} Throw in the Towel

The day before Christmas I purchased a microfiber towel from the dollar section at Jo-Ann's. Actually, it was 2 for a dollar, so you know it was definitely up my alley. Nonetheless, I have used this 8x8 yellow towel to the max (Mr. Wright took ownership of the other one) and am starting to believe that it isn't the plush microfiber I intended it to be. But at the cost of $.50, no love was lost.  I began looking into purchasing an authentic microfiber towel and my goodness, I am not willing to dish out $30.00 for a towel!
Aquis Adventure Microfiber Towel, Extra Large (29 x 55-Inches)
{Aquis Adventure Microfiber Towel, Extra Large 29X55 - $29.95}
Even though the use of a microfiber towel comes highly recommended, I can not see myself paying $30.00 for a piece of fabric. It's just not feasible for my budget - NOT. And then I thought "what's this t-shirt method?" So after a bit of researching and comparing the use of a towel, microfiber towel and the t-shirt method, the results of the microfiber towel and the t-shirt method are very similar as long as the t-shirt is 100% cotton. Microfiber towels dry the hair faster and can hold up to 5 times it's weight. Similarly a t-shirt is manufactured differently than a terry-cloth towel, therefore the fibers are closer together. This is the only time that I would recommend using cotton as it helps to absorb the water from your hair and reduces frizziness.

What's your take on the T-Shirt method?

I've used one of Mr. Wright's old t-shirts to create my own t-shirt towel

{I used a 40/42 Comfort Soft Hanes T-shirt. the bigger the better}

{Remove sleeves, neckline and all serged seams}

{You can cut into desired shape. I achieved a rectangle by cutting down one side and right underneath the armpit.}


  1. i didn't know about this method - let us know how your hair turns out!

  2. i bought a microfiber hair towel from bed bath and beyond for around $10. similarly, you can get such towels for $5 on the web. they work really well. i tried the tshirt thing, but it still resulted in frizzies, unlike the microfiber towel.


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