January 31, 2011


It seems like life is coming full circle all at once and all in a good way! God is definitely answering my prayers and I am truly humbled by his blessings! I've listened to his directions and gone where I don't necessarily want to go, but in being obedient he has given me grace and safe travels! In order to show my appreciation I will be purging myself of those unnecessary items. I've never been overly glitz or glam, nor have I ever been a fashionista, but I've collected and purchased a few clothing items that simply collect dust or make my closet look as if there is more to it than there is.

{It's an absolute mess right now, but with your help I'll be able to clean it up!}

Not being superstitious here, but he has given me enough signs to tell me what to do! Last week I was reading My Stylish Friends and Whitney is planning to join Kendi on wearing 30 items for 30 days! It's a simplistic approach to being a fashionista! Can you take 30 items from your closet and rock it a million ways? Then there's this life goal I am trying to achieve that will require me to reduce my belongings...so between these two "signs" I've reduced my clothing items to 125 pieces. Sometime this week I am going to try on those 125 piece and scale it down to 75 pieces! I now have two bags full of clothes, I mean the black bag with yellow handles full, heavy to the brim! They've got to go!

My first thought is to take these items and give them to goodwill...But then in my efforts to get to CEO status, it wouldn't hurt to put some change in my pocket. Get my money up! *O-kay* Therefore, I am going to start a blog for TheTreasureTrove. Kendi does what is called a swap, I'm really interested in putting up a swap page too. Remember, no item will ever be over $25.00 and there will be a clearance section where items are 3 for $25!  I have no expectations for the on-line store, just giving you the opportunity to puruse my closet!

With love to last a lifetime,

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