January 29, 2011

{All Done Up}

Although this week has gone by just like the past couple of weeks, in a flash, I can honestly say that there was meaning to this week. One of the best week in the year thus far. I am feeling empowered, encouraged and excited about life!! Some topics I'd rather hold on to and not prematurely express my emotions and others I'm willing to spill the beans and feed the whole village! (click the jump)

Managing my hair this week was quite simple. By Monday night I was over the rod set in the front and used my K for Konkashun to two-strand twist the front. Initially the twist were straight, but after about an hour, they curled back up into the rod set, but twisted. Tuesday I decided to hydrate my hair; just water no products. I realized the rod set in the front would fall and therefore used 2 plastic rods to curl the ends of the hair as my hair texture is different from the curl-craze of the top and back. I also noticed that my hair is growing in jet black again!! Each night I swooped the bang back toward the bun, place on silk scarf and, yep you got it: pink bonnet!

I've received so many compliments this week! From being called "spunky," or "swanky," and even "talented" by one of my 5th grade students, I think I can definitely call this a sig style. However, I don't like the stagnant state of my hair. I feel very constricted and confound. When I two-strand twist my hair I have the option of how I'd like to wear the twist, but with this hairstyle: IT IS WHAT IT IS! My bang will always be swept to the right and my hair will always been hidden in a french roll. However, this is what I said I wanted: my ends to be protected and less manipulation!

Groundhog Day is coming up! Early Spring or 6 more weeks??

Wanna know what's going on in my life?
 I recently picked up a book that reignited a spark in me! I used to be an avid reader and had fallen off due to stressing about my students.and the progress they WEREN'T making. This book told me to stop stressing and start reading in front of my students more. And I did. I read a 200 page book in 3 hours and started another book on Thursday afternoon. Be aware that I am reading alongside my students, serving as a role model. I've exchanged our daily oral language warm-up for 15/20 minutes of reading; why stress over corrections when they can read correct grammar! My students are eager to read more! I've asked them to help me read more by making me flyers of what book I should read next. They love it- I have over 30 books I need to read!  *picture coming soon*
 Do you have any books to add my reading list?

Another topic related to school: For many of you, this will be irrelevant and unimportant, but for those of you who can appreciate one person's success, listen up. So my students took their 2nd quarter reading benchmarks this week and I must say I am so absolutely proud of the growth they have made in Reading. Many stated that they used the skills I had encouraged them to use which means they have internalized what I have been teaching , if not pounding into their brains!! I accept that a 60% is a D average, however in terms of  our Reading Test, it is considered a low C. Whereas 85% of my students scored a 60% or better, I am proud of this otherwise low score, especially compared to the 15% who passed the first week of school. What improvements are you making in your life?

In the past two weeks I have seen two awesome movies that have blown me away completely. Each movie has left me literally amazed at the perfection in cinematography, portrayal of characters and overall storyline. I highly recommend you make a date or plan a DAY with someone who enjoys a good movie!! The first speaks very close to my heart as it portrays a young lady whose only enemy is herself.  Throughout my life I have always known I was good at a specific skill, but have always stayed under the radar and never pushed myself to adventure into unknown territory, The Black Swan could very well be my biography only written for a white woman with a different lifestyle. You must also see The Rite! I am a very ANALytical person and am always in need of a reason as to why something happens. The main character in this story is a man of the same heart. Considering this movie is based on true events, it will definitely provide you with the reassurance and proclamation you need for it's controversial topic. Not to mention Anthony Hopkins is phenomenal! Have you seen either of these movies? What did you think of  the movie?


  1. Hey LOVENWRIGHT!!! One of my favorite books is Chaucer's Canterbury Tales. You'll love the humor.

  2. looove this hairstyle as soon as I get these cornrows out I am soooo trying it. Lovely blog!


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