February 27, 2011

Eyebrow Update

It's been 12 days since I started my regimen to assist with helping my eyebrows grow fuller. I've gone all these days without taking pictures of my day to day progress so that I wouldn't have the "oh-its-not-working" effect. And it was well worth it not to focus on what I couldn't see, so that today I am extremely shocked at what I can see: IT'S WORKING!!

Click to enlarge photo.

The last time I had my eyebrows professionally tailored was in December. And since December I have been allowing them to grow back on their own. Weirdly I have bald patches in my eyebrows. How does that happen? Possibly self plucking trying to skip out on waxing, won't do that anymore. Maybe I will add a dollop of this organic product to my self-made K is For Konkashun and see how it works!! You know what...I will do it tonight. I'll focus on my ear patches! It'll be much easier to accomplish considering I'm wearing my hair in two strand twist for the next 2 weeks.


  1. Erica Hicks27/2/11 21:52

    MAJOR DIFFERENCE! Thank God... those brows were looking crazy thin! By the way... love the new design of the blog.



  2. Yay! It IS workign. Congrats on the growth.

  3. I'm letting my grow out. i went to a new lady last week and she gave me pencil then brows (yuck) when i told her to just clean them up a little. ugh i almost cried when i saw my thick brows gone. i hope my grow back as quick as yours

    xoxo Monroe

    Fashion Steele NYC

  4. Yes, it is definately growing!! Especially since I have been with thinny mini's since December and then I used this product for 12 days and BAM! All this new growth! I am loving it! I put a lil on my ear patches last night. Let's just say the smell still has me nauseated. The price you pay for beauty!

  5. Anonymous28/2/11 20:03

    i did this last year and the results came out fantabulous---i do however have a patch that will never EVER grow back but its not really noticeable eyebrow pencils are wonderful for that. But the pain of looking at snaggly eyebrows paid off when i finally got them done a year later!!!


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