February 15, 2011

{Sista Speaks} Promote Hair Growth

"Girl, what's is up with your eyebrows? No, like, for real?" I think, I recall telling you not to judge me or my eyebrows! Let's remember that I am in the process of GROWING MY HAIR!! And hair includes the brow over my eye! No, seriously I have been on a mission to grow my eyebrows fuller and thicker. At the beginning of the school year, considering I hadn't found a threading shop in my area, I went to have them waxed and the Asian lady thinned me out! So, since September I have been in the process of regrowing these bad boys. Around December, I figure I'd try to perfect the plucking method and that didn't work quite well. I turned to filling them in with a brown eye shadow and pencil liner and now that I'm starting to see my hair follicles with no formation...I look a bit...*I can be honest with myself...* BUSH MONSTER-ish!

Whoa! I know - don't worry, I look at it every morning! So the past couple of weeks, maybe two, I've been using a Neem Oil/Castor Oil nightly rub. However, the smell, rather the odor, of the Neem oil is similar to peanut butter and I'm not a fan. Additionally, because it is an oil, I believe my pillow may be receiving the treatment rather than my hair beds/follicles. I began using the Neem oil based on the successful effect it had our dog's hair loss issues. Every so often Sky will break out with Mange and we will have to give her a full body treatment. The Neem oil is one of two products that we use in order to assist her recovery. I was content with using the Neem oil as I'd research essential oils that were conducive for hair growth, but I was skeptical about the second product as it is manufactured for Horses!

I've heard of people using Mega-Tec which is another non-human product used to encourage the growth of hair. I've also heard of that hefty price tag, which you know I'm not going for! This product cost $15.00 for 12 oz and includes all natural ingredients: cha-ching! Sulfur, Pine Oil, and....wait for it...wait for it...Mineral oil! But, it states that it "is non-toxic and safe...promotes the fastest hair growth...and has been used and tested for 45 years.." Not to mention, I've seen it's amazing effects first hand. *exhale* Yet and still, I am hesitant about using it on my hair. Granted I've seen this product work wonders...something about seeing the Shepard, the horse and the horse' shoe on the front, just doesn't provide me with a sense of security!

This product has a very poignant smell as well, but I can deal with pine versus nut! As with any product with chemicals in its ingredients (sulfur) "try a small amount at first to see how the animal reacts." (really?) The directions state, that I should apply the product every 3 days until I see the desired results. So, my "small amount" will be my eyebrows. Tonight will be night one and I'll be sure to keep you well informed of the progress I see, or if this "animal" has a reaction, don't see!  I mean, the worst that could happen would be that I wake up looking like a werewolf. And that's fine!

With love to last a lifetime, Kay


  1. Wait, so ARE you using the Mega-tek? I've used it for my hair growth and it works pretty well if you're consistent with the usage. I have a 2/3 month progress pic if you'd like to see.

  2. Okay, so...yes and no..It's not called Mega-tek! We, my readers included, would love to see!!!

  3. Here's the link for the progress pic. I tried lining it up as evenly as possible...

    Good luck with the hair growth! :-)


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