February 13, 2011

Secrets Exposed::: Hannah Jay Bee

Dear Readers...I introduce you to...

Hannah - known on many social sites as Hannah J.B. or HJayBee. I'm from Chicago, born and raised. I'm a Graduate student at FAMU {Go Rattlers} obtaining my Master's in Applied Social Sciences.(graduating in April!! =D)

I serve as an Americorps*VISTA for the city of Tallahassee, and I'm attending law school in the fall. I'm 21, a Capricorn, a vegetarian(pescetarian? eh, I don't use that word really), a health fanatic, and a go-green fanatic. I'm bilingual. I'm frugal. I like hummus and happiness!

How many months have you been natural?
Yikes. I got my last relaxer at 14, so let's say I was entirely natural at the age of 15. So, from 15 to 21 would be a total of  6 years...and in term of months 72 months?
What was your Grand Canyon in your natural hair journey?
Deciding to lock my hair! After I stopped straightening my hair and it grew out of control, I realized that I'd have to start considering other ways to maintain my hair. I didn't enjoy the constant trimming and cutting nor did I look forward to detangling through a long curly mess.  After 2 years of research and introspection, on Jan 2, 2010 I interlocked my hair from root to tip.

Describe your natural hair journey up to this point?
For me it hasn't been that difficult. No tragedies - nothing too spectacular. My hair has gone through a lot of styles, cuts, and dyes. I loved trying new things with it, but deciding not to straighten my hair was a HUGE turning point. Another change was treating my hair like a project that deserved patience time and care rather than a toy!

Day 3Graduation

What products are you addicted to? Which did you toss?
I'm now a natural junkie. I cannot be without coconut oil and shea butter!  It doesn't make sense to me.
I've tossed a lot of my old cheap shampoos that I got from Walgreens and Publix... no name stuff just to clean my hair. ( I actually gave them away to friends ) I still have a few of my Garnier products- they always treated my hair nice. However, it also kept my hair soft, which I don't think its too conducive to the locking process.

I held on to the color stay shampoo and conditioner because if I ever decide to color my locks, then I'll undoubtedly be using that again. Until then I try to stick with black soap and other natural hair cleaning products that I find at local herbal & organic shops. My hair never did like too much moisture...products like motions/kinky curly/etc etc always made my hair so heavy and oily. Purchased and gifted: I gave those products away to my friends and they LOVE them. *shrugs* To each her own!

Happy New Year
What is your favorite hairstyle?
I don't have one anymore, I don't think.
Since I have a permanent side part, I'm happy.
If that changes I'll be sure to send in fotos.

To see more pictures of Hannah's hair, check out her fotki page!
Got a question, follow her on twitter @hjaybee

Hannah, thank you so much for sharing with my readers! Many women feel empowered when they make the decision to go from processed hair to rocking their natural curls. Thank you for sharing the process of interlocking the hair. This is another option that many naturals contemplate as they embrace their curls.

With love to last a lifetime, Kay!

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