March 23, 2011

30/30 | D3 | Tusk Tracker

This skirt was a last minute-I-don't-need-it-put-it's-a-skirt purchase. In my efforts to fade out pants and jeans, this skirt seemed like a compromise piece due to its structure and shape. Normally, I would stray away from two-toned stripes on my bottom, but I appreciated the olive with cream combo and the vintage feel. My students told me that I didn't match! However, I felt put together, classic and feminine! Loved it!

{Shirt - JCPenny $11.00, Skirt - Thrifted $3.99, Belt - Thrifted $1.00, Leather Shoes-  Thrifted $2.00}

The way in which I intended to wear my hair...humidity said,  "No ma'am!"


  1. Anonymous23/3/11 21:14

    you should mail me those earrings...and that purse. Thanks in advance! lol

  2. Erica Hicks23/3/11 23:26

    I like the outfit especially the earrings... different!


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