March 22, 2011

30/30 Spring Fling | D2 | Lions & Tigers

I was really excited about this outfit! This dress, worn as a top, had a major influence on the collection's name, Safari Blues! It's a simple shift dress, but due to the print has such an exotic feel. I also added a black cardigan to the collection. Currently, I am at 28 pieces so there is room for two more items!

{Dress - Thrifted: $2.49, Skirt - Thrifted: $3.99, Coach Belt - Lifted: FREE!, Cardi - Ross: $4.00, Shoes - Cato: $8.00}

I tried to pin curl my hair last night: FAIL! Tonight, I will use a bit of mousse for hold!

Help: My pictures are so grainy!! How do I clear them up?? FYI: Im using a SD1400IS.


  1. Anonymous22/3/11 21:31

    sexy!!! nice little spice to a day in the office

  2. Cute!! And I love the up do!!


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