March 26, 2011

Konvert Kotton Towels - $9.00 +s/h

This week I received an international job opportunity and suddenly I had an urge to utilize my artistic flair. For a very long time I have been stuck in a rutt; I've been unable to write poetry, sew, or paint for about 3 years. Here and there I would try and pick up where I left off, but I wasn't totally committed. This job opportunity comes with me listening to what God has told me to do! I want to believe that my renewed sense of creativity is his way of rewarding me for following directions!!
So, because of the blessing bestowed upon me, I humbly introduce to you:

Konvert Kotton Towels

Product to be sold beginning 04/15/2011 at LoveWright on Etsy

Inspired by my own tresses and the stories of other Naturals, I've created a 100% cotton hair "towel" that is super absorbent and helps to reduce the frizziness experienced with a wash and go! Unlike a terry cloth towel, Konvert Kotton towels are smooth to the touch and extremely light weight  Great for the beach, pool or right out the shower!

♥ Konvert Kotton towels range in size from 13"x36" to 15"x36". Larger sizes available upon request.

♥The adorable cotton print on one side is paired with 100% cotton cloth on the other.

♥ All fabrics have been prewashed to prevent shrinkage.

♥ Handmade and topstiched for added durability

♥Machine wash cold and tumble dry low or air dry.

♥ Go Green Product: I've used recycled T-shirts, therefore no two shirts will be alike!!

©2011 LoveNWright Kreations. All rights reserved. Any usage of my images, photographs or art is strictly forbidden without my expressed written consent.

Sending this one to my momma!! @Speck0615

Recycle T-shirt and Calico Fabric: both 100% cotton

Measures 13"x36" to 15"x36"

::: Konvert Kotton Towels will be sold for $9.00. Leave a comment to get free shipping!:::


  1. These are so cute!!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

  2. Pretty!!



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