March 25, 2011

Today was such a pretty day...oceanic blue skies with wispy clouds topped with a ray of sunshine...
Granted my day didn't go as planned, it's all good!
Especially since Friday is the only day I can wear jeans to work!

While working in the Cash office at Macy's a few years back, a portion of my job included processing the items that were Lost and (by me) found. No, I didn't take it the day it was brought to the office nor did I lie to a item-seeking-customer; policy has it that you must wait 6 months before claiming the apparently lost item. This top from Ann Taylor (receipt price $24.99) is only one of the many items I claimed within the year I worked in the cash office. The magic of Macy's! I kind of miss that place!
{Shirt - Gift, Jeans - Thrifted $3.50, Belt - Thrifted $1.00, Shoes - CR $7.00}
{In efforts to save a style, a pulled the front off my face and pinned back on both sides}

 Straps up or down?
Can you tell I am getting a tan!! Wooohooo!! going to the beach tomorrow too!


  1. The straps are pretty whichever way you wear it. This outfit is a cute transition from Winter to Spring outfit. Have fun at the beach! It just snowed up here yesterday, so the beach is in no way an option any time soon. :-p

  2. haha...thats so cool you got to claim stuff. these jeans are the perfect fit! great post...ohh and im also super excited my eyebrows are growing back!

    xoxo Monroe

    Fashion Steele NYC

  3. Anonymous25/3/11 23:45

    straps down! very cute shirt!

  4. those jeans fit you so well!


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