April 4, 2011

Curlformers - Day Three

So, today I ventured back to Sally's to return the Long and Wide kit. Last night, Mr. Wright and I spent about 20 minutes looking for stray hairs. To our surprise we only found two coils, let's just say that the curlformers are easy on the hair! Another bonus!! I was so glad when the lady did not question why I was returning the item, but simply took my receipt and refunded my money!  Even if they don't put them back on the shelf, they're still like new, I cleaned them!!But, unlike her you would like to know! I decided that my hair is going to get longer and although the Long and Wide did the job this go round, in the next couple of months they might not cut the cake. And thus, I returned them in hopes of purchasing the Extra Long and Wide kit, but Sally's only sales them in a 6 pack. $12.99/pack/with Sally's Card

I've scoured the Internet for coupons to Sally's and all have come up stating that I need to purchase the Sally's Card. I was a previous member, however, when I decided to start attending Product Junkies Anonymous, I didn't renew. So, today I opened a new card for $5.00 which was kindly refunded to me in the form of a $5.00 coupon on any $25.00 purchase. Which is the same coupon I found on the Internet. Considering I am not in a rush to purchase the Extra Long and Wide curlformers, I will purchase 2 packs at a time and use one coupon!  So my $100.00 investment becomes $80.00. #WINNNNIINNNGGG!!

{A bit frizzy..but it'll do!}

{I guess the frizziness comes with the application}

{Pulled back to hide the varying lengths}


  1. ryn:thanks girl. Im enjoying your blog as well.Its so cute and looks more like a website than a blog.I wanna be like you when I grow up :-). Im thinking of doing more but idk,actually very new to this.
    What city did you request here...and are you picking only one UAE friend? :-P

  2. you hair looks so pretty and healthy! I will definitely try the curlformers! And i LOVE your hair color, I've been trying to change my hair color and have been testing strands (because I henna'd so color will be unpredictible) and i'm have NO luck lifting the color. I might be stuck with this color until it grows out :-( That's a long way to go.

    Anyway! Keep up the good blogging girl!


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