April 3, 2011

CurlFormers- First Attempt

For the past three weeks I have been on a mission to find a summer hairstyle that includes loose, bouncy, healthy curls! I mean, I've been on youtube, naturally curly and google for several hours a day searching for the perfect style. I've even tried a few styles that were recommended by other naturals. After watching a video for a few hours, I would shape my hair in the mirror only to wake up dissatisfied and still searching! However, not until this weekend, when I came across @Naptural85's youtube video about curlformers did I have an epiphany!! Watch for yourself:

Did you have the same reaction...are you ready to go out and buy the curlfomers like right now?? I don't blame you, because this is exactly what happened to me Friday night after watching this video.  Saturday morning I ran my errands and then ran to Sally'; yes they're only sold at Sally's! I absolutely loved the results and being complety honest, these are my staple curls for the Summer!! I loved the fact that I don't have to use any heat in order to achieve this style.  The only down side, they're a bit on the pricey side! The entire kit cost me $74.00, but this included 40 long and wide and 6 short and wide culformers; granted I can't even use the short and wide because my hair is waaayyy longer than I thought. I'm also cutting it very close with the long and wide and would do much better with the extra long and wide. In due time I will add these to my collection.

For now, I am happy with the  results and plan to perfect this style ASAP!
Started on shea buttered prestretched hair. Detangled with water and used diluted lottabody for hold. 

Started by sectioning the hair: 5 sections in the back and 3 sections in the front

Pink curlformers spiral to the right and orange curlformers spiral to the left

Notice some of my ends are sticking out!
The curlformer is made of a plastic mesh material

Very pleased with the results

I thought I forgot to lottabody one of them, but then I didnt know which one..
There it is!

Still tryna get past the uneveness of my hair. So, pulled it back with a headband!
I'll be sure to post Day-3 pictures tomorrow!!


  1. It came out gorgeous! Can't wait to see the day three pics :)


  2. Yes! I watched that curlformers video the day Naptural posted it and I was convinced that I had to go out and buy them. Alas it wasn't much of an impulse as you've had since I'm kinda like grad-school poor right now. In any case, your curls came out pretty well. How long did it take you to do your entire head?

  3. Thank you Jhan!! i don't know if it was impulse or decision making skills that encourage me to grab and go! I also looked at a few roller set vids, but when I saw how the curlformers created perfect curls (having watched a good 20 videos!!) I thought I'd be better off with the cf!! Best Decision yet!! However, I am planning to return the kit and get the longer rollers...ust a better investment as I plan to have longer hair!! LOLOL

  4. oooooh! I like it!! your the first one that I've seen that got the shiny kind of spirals I like when using curlformers. NOOOW I'm interested in trying them! Thanks for the post girl! your hair looks great!

  5. I decided to try this style too once I watched her video but I'm going to wait until my sister comes to town next week to help do the back. Great post.


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