April 24, 2011

{Sista Speaks} Don't Blow it, actually go ahead!

Each and every time I go to Mrs. Cerise I am always apprehensive due to the extreme heat associated with a professional straightening. Whether it be the the direct heat from the blow dryer or the sizzle of the flat iron, in the back of my mind I am thinking "that's it, I have heat damage!" Lucky for me, I haven't had this experience yet and am determined to help you keep from experiencing such a tragedy too!!

Many of us choose to self-straighten at home and then there are those people who are interested in straightening but aren't sure what products to use and how to go about the process. Below is my approach to self-straightening; I've used this process since Spring 2010 and have always had great results. In my eyes, it's not the flat iron that gets my hair straight, it's the way in which I blow dry my hair. Remember, unprocessed hair will not be bone straight! This can be a blessing and a burden: blessed with volume, burdened with volume. Face it and embrace it, cause you can't replace it!

Before we get started: 

1. Wide tooth Comb

2. Blow dryer with comb attachment

3. Hair clips

4. Paul Mitchell's Silky Straight Serum:
Serums serve two purposes: they keep moisture in and prevent moisture from entering the hair shaft. This causes the big hair effect!

5. Konvert Kotton Towel! ->  

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Use a Konvert Kotton Towel to remove excess water without frizzing your hair.

Working with one section at a time, unbraid and massage two pumps into the hair.
Apply third pump to the ends.

Detangle with wide tooth comb. Separate quadrant into 3 sections.
Pull taunt to help hair stay straight and detangled.
Give yourself 6 inches of distance and pre-dry ends.
Using the smallest comb attachement, pass blow dryer over hair 5 times.
Straighten as usual!
Thank you Vee over at PrettyGirlRock for inspring me to do this!!
I'm LoveN this new editing tool!! Got this PrettyGirl Rockin!!

A few tips for straightening:
1. Rely on your quadrants to help you organize the process.
2. Use a damp towel to cleanse and keep your flat iron from overheating
3. Work with 1/2" (length)by  2" (width) sections
4. Apply 3 heat passes: slow, fast, curl

FYI: Curls created with heating tools will drop if they haven't been cooled into formation.
Use rollers to help set curls.


  1. wow these results are great!

  2. I love the blow out results and the gif-like pictures. :-)

  3. Your hair looks gorgeous!

  4. Thank you for your responses Ladies!!!


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