June 28, 2011

Once 'n Done TOTD

Speed Shopping!

This morning I had several stores that I needed to peruse before the Cable Guy came at 11:00! I wanted to return some things to Target and Walmart, stop by Marshall's/HomeGoods, pick up water from Sam's and hit up the pharmacy at Walgreens. Oh, I didn't mention: I left the house at 8:50!

As I drove into town I tried to calculate how many minutes I could spend in each store, the order in which I would visit the stores and what department in each store I needed to visit.. Nothing more, nothing less!! I was on a serious mission! I'm glad to say that because I was so early I didn't have to deal with the hassle of waiting in long lines or being bothered with indecisive customers. I was in and out, with time to spare!

Considering I had a goal in mind and specific items I was looking for, my shopping experience was time well spent! Additionally, I didn't spend unnecessarily; if it wasn't the item I was looking for, I didn't pull out my card! I was in my car and headed back home at 10:23, right on time!

Keep these steps in mind to jump start your speed shopping experience:

-make 2 lists: wants and needs
-map out the route for the stores on your list
-map out where the items are in the store
-give yourself a time limit whereas you'll 25 minutes in each store
-try to beat your given time limit by 5 minutes
-make the grocery store your last stop
-double check your list before you head to check-out
-don't forget your form of payment and bring your coupons!!!

Happy shopping!


  1. Anonymous28/6/11 16:09

    You were on a mission!! I always feel so productive when I have shopping trips like this. Great tips!

  2. It's absolutely impossible for me to go into Target or Marshalls without spending at least $60. I just try not to go in there unless I really have to LOL. But kudos to you for having the will power.

  3. You rocked that shopping mission! How did you manage to focus while at the mall? LOL! Seriously, some people would have a hard time focusing and achieving what you did while at the mall.

    Danny Riddell


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