June 30, 2011

Curly Consult :: Special K

I'm excited to reveal that my mother is visiting from DC  for the next week and a half!! I will be helping her to figure out how to make her curls pop. She has struggled with maintaining her natural hair for the past 8 years; transitioning with braids, rocking a fro, Dominican blow-outs and weaving alike. Last June she made the conscience decision to allow her hair to grow on its own. About 3 months ago, she went into the salon for a trim. Classic case of speak up, say what you want, the stylist trimmed her hair something serious which left her devastated and regretful.

She arrived yesterday having used Kinky Kurly Custard and Knot Today leave-in to style her hair. I immediately noticed that her hair lacked definition, however it was very shiny and upon touch, moisturized. Of course I went through my regimen with her, walking through Vitamin World and Sally's pointing things out that are currently on my list of must-haves. Last night, I used her products to style her hair. 8 flat-twists later she was ready for bed. The KKC is extremely oily and sticky. Two things I immediately found I didn't like about the products. Although it provides great slip, I did not like the residue and the sticky feeling left over on my hands. Won't we be purchasing this product!

This morning after we worked out and showered, I used a dime sized amount of CoconutAnti-Breakage  Serum to add shine. As I began untwisting her hair, I noticed that it was still damp! I initially thought that it didn't dry completely, but then she stated that it normally leaves her hair very moist. I found that there was only definition on the hair at the nape of her neck which is of a 3C texture. The rest of her hair is somewhere between 4a and 4b. I must admit that the style was 'cute,' but it lacked definition and the product didn't hold her hair to create a clean look. As the day went on and as Florida's humidity did it's thang, my mom's hair began to swell; by the end of the day she looked as if she hadn't done anything to her hair. Tonight we will try my combination of products and I will reveal the results tomorrow!

Picture captured after take down

Picture captured 7-hours post take down

With love to last a lifetime,

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  1. Erica Hick30/6/11 17:47

    Karen looks so cute! Have fun expermenting, K. I am confident that she will leave better off than before. Also, what an amazing opportunity to have some mother-daughter time, enjoy!



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