July 1, 2011

Once 'n Done TOTD

     You get what you pay for!

On May 25th I shipped my documents to the US Department of State to be authenticated for my teaching adventures. I read online that the service can take 15 business days and to expect delays during holidays. Considering it was a government agency, I didn't panic. 15 business days usually means a month! Well, it's been a little over a month and my patience is running low. Another teacher who is completing the same process used a courier service, needless to say, she's already received her documents back! Today, I am going to bite the bullet, pay the $215 and upgrade my service. You get what you pay for!

My mom and I have been updating each other on what has been going on in our lives thousands of miles away. Last weekend she attended a birthday party where the mom of the birthday girl had a cake made by a company. However, before she could even get out of the parking lot, the cake began to lean and eventually collapsed. Although it is not extremely hot in DC, humidity definitely plays a big role in keeping a cake in tact. My mom informed me that she did not pay for the delivery fee. Possibly, if she had paid the additional $100.00 fee she wouldn't have to had deal with the headache and heartbreak of a collapsed birthday cake. You get what you pay for!
So, the next time you're contemplating whether or not to save a few nickels, shave a few corners or pick the lowest services because its the cheapest, decide if the upgraded services would be the better option. Ask yourself if you are willing to sacrifice quality for a lower quantity. Be mindful of the time spent or saved with each option. Saving money on groceries is one thing, but cutting corners on things that could have a drastic effect in your life, priceless! I've learned my lesson: Stop being cheap and INVEST my money on the things that really matter.

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