July 2, 2011

Curly Consult: Special K

Boy, did we have fun with remembering what products we put in each section of her hair. I must admit, life comes at you quick, or possibly I just didn't remember. I don't have after photos, but we do have a decision as to which product worked the best for her hair. I knew from the jump that I wanted to use the same product on the two front sections. Considering the Shea Moisture Curl Enchaning Smoothie topped with Curls, Goddess Curls worked great on my 4A curls, I figured it would yield the best result for hers. Therefore, I applied this mixture to the two front sections.

On the back right quadrant I applied SMCES and Flax Seed Gel. This has been the mixture I've used for the past week, but due to the rain and heightened humidity I haven't rocked a twist-out to see the definition it creates. But for the purpose of my mom trying to find a product that will hold her hair, if this can fight against the humidity, we'd both be #winning!

On the back left quadrant I applied Organic Root Stimulator Smooth-n-Hold Pudding. I recieved it from my friend who is a recovering product junkie. I haven't personally tried the product, but we are expereimenting, so why not!

SMCES with Curls, Goddess Curls

SMCES with Flax Seed Gel
Left: ORS Smooth-n-Hold Pudding
Right: SMCES with Flax Seed Gel

Each section was taken out using a dab of Coconut Milk Anti-Breakage Serum.  As for the definition created in the sections: "Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow! Wooow," is all my mother could say! However, the big test was to fight against the humidity and the swelling!! Having left the house with the sun high in the sky, dodging the rain as we raced to the car from the grocery store and returning home when the clouds were too heavy to hold off, I saw that one section seem to be "frozen!" The other sections frizzed and puffed, but the back right quadrant looked just as it did in the morning picture. This process has definitely proven that what works on my hair may not work on your hair! My mom's idea on products: "Oh, okay. So, it's not that the product didn't work, it's just that the product didn't work for me!"

Today's Winner: FLAX SEED GEL!
**Tomorrow, I'll share the recipe!**


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