July 25, 2011

In Review: @WeRockRoots RockTHERAPY #NaturalHair

THIIIISSSS!!! I must begin by stating that I've never done a pre-poo deep conditioning with oils of any sort -ever. Why? State of ignorance, not knowing the true blessings because I was stuck in my prejudice mind: it will weigh my hair down; I won't be able to remove all the oil unless I strip my hair with shampoo; my hair will feel extremely oily thereafter... WRONG, WRONG, WRONG!

This 2 ounce bottle* of  heaven also known as WeRockRoots RockTHERAPY was enough product to allow me to remove shed hairs, thoroughly coat my entire head from root to shaft and I even had about a half ounce left over which I will be using for daily application.

On a grading scale of 100, I'd give this product a 90A! The product delivers as promised**: After an hour of deep conditioning and post my cleansing regimen, my tresses were left soft and extremely pliable. The next day, I was able to easily manipulate my hair and despite my initial concerns, it was not greasy nor did it seem to be weighed down. The only downfall I saw was the horsetail remnants, however if you allow the oil to sit for a while, they do settle. And you could also remove them by using a knee-high!

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In order to maintain the integrity of LoveNWright and it's readership, all reviews are completed in a fair and honest manner.  WeRockRoots provided LoveNWright with a sample size of RockTHERAPY for review. No monetary contributions were recieved

So, on to the full review

About the Company:
We Rock Roots is the two-fold brain child of Founder Robyn Evans and Co-Developers & Administrators: Tamara Mash, Raven Ponder, and Vernice Samuels. We Rock Roots serves first as a network of individuals who embrace their natural hair. We strive to educate and empower ourselves and others about natural hair options. Secondly, We Rock Roots provides a growing line of all natural hair and body products to meet the needs of individuals who proudly embrace their natural hair. The texture friendly products are designed and developed by Robyn and Vernice.

WeRockRoots RockTHERAPY
$6.75 for 4 fl. oz

Product Promises:
**Although the information that was sent to me does not state a blatant claim, it does, however, state that one should apply this oil daily to itchy or dry scalp. Therefore, I assume that it will help to relieve the discomfort associated with scalp irritation. I don't suffer from dry or itchy scalp, so I cannot provide further review in this arena.

The information also fails to educate me as to why or how a Hot Oil Conditioning treatment will benefit my hair. After my own research, I found that deep conditioning with a hot (warm) oil treatment helps to strengthen the hair and prevent breakage as it restores the moisture level of the hair strand. Now, if the intent of Robyn and Vernice was to force me to do my own research: kudos to them. However, I'm not so sure this was the case; providing the purpose of a product is crucial.

1. Daily- apply to itchy or dry scalp (use sparingly on hair that is fine as the oil is quite heavy on finer hair)
2. Hot Oil Conditioning- after heating in a cup of warm water, saturate damp or wet hair and scalp. Leave on the hair covered for up to 24 hours before washing with your regular shampoo).

Main Ingredients:
Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Horsetail herb, Peppermint Essential Oil.
(I would be remiss if I did not mention that this product also includes: Amla, Golden Jojoba and Tea Tree Oils)

Aromatic Features:
Touch: It comes at no surprise for me to state that this oil is oily, but not sticky or thick like castor oil. However, possibly due to my changing hair texture, I disagree with the creators in that this oil is heavy. RockTHERAPY also has a gritty component, which I attributed to the horsetail herb that is used in the creation of this oil. However, if you know like I know, that horsetail herb is going to help you grow those tresses longer. Learn to deal. Allow the oil to settle and then pour slowly or pour the portion you intend to use into a glass bowl through a knee high. Additionally, after I applied that oil, I didn't even notice the horsetail herb!

Smell: Okay, so I know I'm not supposed to associate taste with smell, but science has it that they are closely related!! RockTHERAPY smells so....delicious! It has an earthy, fiery yet sweet scent that reminds me of a mojito! Cheers! The peppermint scent isn't overbearing as if your were chewing a stick of WinterFresh, it's mild enough that it doesn't burn but let's you know that it is working it's magic on you!

Sight: It's oil *shrugs* It has a golden brown tint, more so of an amber color. It is very evident that EVOO is the major carrier oil in this product. When you shake the bottle up, it reminiscent of a snow globe. The little herbs start swimming about the bottle. I personally used the product with the herbs dispursed so that when it was applied the herbs were located throughout my hair.

RockTHERAPY in Action

As instructed: bottle shaken well before use!

Place 3/4 of the bottle into a glass bowl and place in microwave for 1 minute

My attempt to show you the settling effect.

Hair before: I had just taken out 2 strand twist.
Don't panic, I had the twist for 2 1/2 weeks. RT made the shed hair pulling very easy!!
I sectioned my hair into 5 sections, nape and then 4 quadrants
I put a sandwhich bag around my ends, no reason in particular.

Sorry about the oil on the forehead!! Adorned a shower cap

Soaked a hand towel in water and popped in the microwave for 3 minutes

Place the towel on top of the shower cap. Used a 2nd SC to cover and secure the towel.
I used the next 2 hours to create a few KonvertKottonTowels
Continued with my regularly scheduled cleansing routine
This is pretty much, no product! I used HEHH as my conditioners, but I rinsed it out
As you can see, still a few shed hairs, but my hair is shiny and super moisturized

The pictures don't come close to revealing how soft and manageable my hair was.
I dabbed a few drop on my edges to help smooth it back, but I didn't need to add anymore
product anywhere else! Not a dull strand in sight!
I intend to use the remaining product as a daily sealant. I'm also going to use this product on my face. This weekend I went to a water park and needless to say I had a little sunburn. Randomly, I applied the RT and it immediately provided a soothing feeling and help to keep my face moisturized. There was a slight tinge, the peppermint possibly, but that faded within seconds. If you are suffering from dry or itchy scalp, seeking a new deep conditioner or, like me, wanting to try a hot oil treatment for the first time, I definitely would recommend WeRockRoots RockTHERAPY. For a mere $6.75 you will receive 4 oz of product and if used sparingly you could very well achieve 4 treatments.

Robyn and Vernice, thank you for giving me the opportunity to try your products!  It's definitely a winner in my book!

Please refrain from using any of the We Rock Roots products if you have a known allergy to any of the ingredients above. Patrons of the product utilize them with the understanding that any adverse effects experienced are not the liability of the previously stated parties above or We Rock Roots.

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