July 26, 2011

Protective Style: Loc Extensions #naturalhair

District 13 Kent-20110623-00155.jpgAs I prepare for a 3 month protective style challenge with @LnaturalChica, @OnxyRose and @JasWillUbeMine starting on  August 1st, I'm searching out new styles that will help me pass the time. A few weeks ago I joined Orange, Green and Natural, a facebook group for FAMU students/alumni who have chosen to rock their God-given locs! And this is where I came across Erica, a 23 year old Rattler who currently works as a full-time reporter in Washington, DC. She had posted pictures of her loc extensions and I immediately saw it as an opportunity to shed some light on this up-and-coming hair style. She thought it not robbery to let my readers in on the deets of this fabulous protective style!!

Understand that a protective style is the way in which your "protect" your hair from the everyday elements of your environment or YOU, for that matter. Many of us have the hand in hair syndrome and this can cause split ends, breakage and single strand knots. Erica likes to add that you "essentially don't touch your hair" and that the extensions aren't "intertwined with your real hair." Additionally, when it is time to remove the loc extensions, they simply slip out which helps to increase retention seeing as how you aren't tugging and pulling on your hair.

How did you find out about Loc Extensions?
Well, i was at some one's house and the resident's sister walked in with beautiful "locs" -- at least that's what i thought they were.

As I began to compliment her, she informed that they weren't real. *Gasp* As a natural for almost two years, I've been leaning to the loc side of the world so I was pretty amazed when I found out I could actually try them out temporarily. A quick five-minute lesson was all I needed!

What will we need?
Rat Tail Comb
3 packs of Marley Braid
Twist-n-Locs Extra Hold n Shine
Weaving Bonding Glue*

What is the process?
This YouTube Video pretty much explains it all.
This is what I used to get a head start

What is your technique?  
I braided my hair under the fake hair
*I didn't use glue at the top, I just continually twisted the fake hair at the top until it was in a knot form
DON'T twist: WRAP! There is a distinct difference. Only one hand should move while the other hand keeps your hair steady
Don't forget the ends. Twist when you get to the bottom. Boil hot water and dip; they will stay put.

District 6 Spauldings-20110621-00134.jpgHow do we maintain this look?
Re twist just like real locs.
Use Kemi oil to keep your real man shiny and conditioned.
Have some extra (braiding) hair. You may want to replace a couple depending on how long you plan to keep them in

How long should we keep them in? 
A month.

What were people's reactions?
People thought they were real locs! I would get stopped and asked how long I had been growing my locs. Every one's reactions were amazing.

There you have it ladies (and gentlemen) an easy, breezy protective style. Honestly, I thought that the process would be a bit more complicated than just wrapping the hair around the braid. How simple. Also, I'm glad Erica gave an alternative approach to insert the loc, I'm was a little discouraged by the glue!! I think this style is a universal style, men and women alike could rock this protective style and not feel less feminine or less masculine. It also gives those loc-curious folk an opportunity to test the waters! And for those of us, like myself, who would never consider locing their hair permanently, we too can experience what it would be like to rock locs.

Thank you Erica for this alternative protective style. Send your blessings and thank her on twitter @missladye


  1. these extensions sound interesting! i can't see the photos - maybe it's just my computer though!

  2. I like it! I remember back in the day E. Badu had loc extensions. There were so dope! I always wondered how they were done! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Anonymous7/10/11 01:44

    how do you take them out!?


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