July 13, 2011

Lady Klaar: Tinted Moisturizers

In my preparation to live in a climate where the weather sucks you dry, I decided to start looking for tinted moisturizers. I liked the idea of a daily moisturizer that doubled as a tinted cover-up, but wasn't a foundation! I had a gift card to Macy's and decided to purchase Clinique's Moisture Surge, SPF 15 in 5. It was a whopping $24.50 for one ounce of product. Despite the cost, the product works wonderfully. Although it appears oily during the first few minutes of the application, once it dries it turns your pretty face into a perfect matte pallet!

But I need more bang for my buck! Any suggestions? More spf coverage would be nice, more product possibly: How about BOTH! And under $10.00 would be even better!

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It could work. I like the idea that it has retinol treatment, granted I don't really need age renewal just yet. But, it's never to early to start! Scores double points for having SPF 20! I disapprove of the glass bottle and the pump. When it gets down to the last of the last, I wont be able to get to it! 

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I've always heard great things about ELF products! So I ventured to their site and I surely found a prize. I smidget under an ounce for $3.00, with an spf of 20, this alone puts this prod at the top of my consideration list. But, it contains mineral oil. Not so sure how my face would react. Will I be the oily glamazon??

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 HONESTLY: I've always thought that Wet n Wild was the lowest man on the totem pole. However, not too long ago I purchased their new eye pallet in The Gilded Age and was shockingly amazed as to how great it worked with my skin. Of course, I thought it not robbery to investigate if they had a tinted moisturizer!! A full ounce for $4.00, I'm intrigued!

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I might just be sold! 1.35 ounces for $4.00, oh Winn Dixie, CVS, or Walgreens you better have a tube in 815!

Tomorrow, I'll venture out the house in search of all these products to read their ingredients list. My heart, or skin, is leaning toward a moisturizer that is mineral oil free. So, sadly ELF may be axed off my list. However, if the other products include mineral oil, I may be back at square one...looking for an inexpensive moisturizer or settling for what I can get my hands on! But I wont be spending $24.50 of my own!!


  1. I use this one by Sonia Kashuk and swear by it. Everyone I know who owns it, loves it.

  2. I use laura merciers tinted moisturizer. I am not sure how much it is, but it is amazing!


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