July 12, 2011

{Scrts Xpsd} Angela @WiseCurls #naturalhair

A few weeks ago I invited you to join me and several other beauties in a BBM Natural Hair Group. To our despair, when we hit 30 members we had reached our max. The initial idea came from the beauty above, Angela. I thought it was a wise idea; giving women with BBMs an opportunity to connect with other naturals all over the world, literally. So it came at no surprise to find out that Angela was the creator and owner of WiseCurls.com, this woman is just naturally, brilliant!

Today she enjoys the versatility of two strand twist and twists outs, which she can't seem to keep her hands out of, but a few weeks ago Angela was rocking the locks. No, she didn't big chop, she actually took the time to derail 70+ locks! I had the joy of following her play by play on the BBM group, however she's shed light on her Loc TakeDown for sisters who might be contemplating the process!

As evident in Angela's hair journey, she refuses to conform to the norm! From relaxed hair to a jheri curl, the big chop, fro and the locs, I'd definitely consider Angela to have WiseCurls. She believes that her and her hair have a love-hate-LOVE relationship! Don't we all! She also loves the fact that her hair is brilliant, naturally; nothing extra needed!

I really like Angela's mentality! Check her out on Twitter @WiseCurls, venture over to her website and if you are Naturally, Brilliant, which you are, let your shirt do the talking!!

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To read more about Angela's Journey

grabbuttonHow long have you been natural?

I have been natural for 6 years now

Did you Big Chop or Small Snips

I big chopped with less than an inch of new growth.

What made you decide to go natural?

I got my first relaxer at age 8 and then a jheri curl at age 9 O_o Tragic. My hair fell out (shocker!) and grew back as if nothing happened. My mom kept braids (extensions) in my hair and would occasionally hot combed it. When I became old enough to play in my hair, I big chopped after two months post relaxer and have not looked back.
 What do you enjoy most about having unaltered hair?

I enjoy that each hair experiment will be different, every time. No matter how closely I follow a step-by-step tutorial, the result will be different. And I love that. I guess I can never have the same hair style twice :0)
Describe your Regimen. Discuss Staple Products and Utensils.
I've recently taken down my locs, so I'm getting back in touch with my loose hair regimen. I usually wash my hair in sections and finger detangle in the shower. I have not used a comb in about a year to detangle, only to part the hair for a particular style. My staple products currently in rotation are: Shea Moisture's Coconut & Hibiscus Shampoo, Herbal Essence's Hello Hydration Conditioner, Shea Moisture's Coconut & Hibiscus Curl Milk and Oyin Handmade's Shine & Define Serum for twists. I usually wash weekly as it is so hot and humid in Florida now.
What have been some of the set backs along your journey?

I've had many of set backs along the way. Coloring has been my frenemy. Wanting that bone straight blow out has been my enemy. I've had healthy long hair and then compromised it by coloring or straightening which resulted in texture changes or curls not reverting back. The good thing is, I could always start over and try again.

Wash n go or a protective style gal? How do you get this look?

I'm a protective style gal! Mainly, because I have yet to "master" the wash and go look. I am usually in two-strands most of the time.
What is your stance on trimming? coloring? use of heating tools?

I have never trimmed my hair. Is that bad? No particular reason why, I just haven't.

Regarding coloring: I usually get the itch to color every couple of months or so and have to fight the urge. You would think I should know better to do it on my own and not professionally (my first set of locs were colored one too many times, which caused them to thin tremendously and resulted in my 2nd big chop). I have no gripes with coloring, as long as it is done in a professional setting.

Regarding heating tools: No gripes with this as well, as long as it is done in a professional setting and/or the individual truly knows what she is doing so that the integrity of the hair is not compromised.

Where do you see your #naturalhair a year from now?

I did my second big chop in April 2010 and have reached arm pit length in a year's time. So in another year, I hope to be at the mid-back level. But most importantly, I hope to have a head full of healthy, healthy hair.
Rambles and brambles...unironed creases? Lost? Is there anything else?

Ummmm.....let's see.....for anyone considering a natural hair journey or a loc journey, go in knowing that your journey is what you make of it. Try not to let anyone deter you from your ultimate goal of going/or being natural.

Check her out on Twitter @WiseCurls, venture over to her website and if you are Naturally, Brilliant, which you are, let your shirt do the talking!!


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