August 8, 2011

UAE Hunt in the City: Products for #Naturalhair

I am so glad that I took it upon myself to begin a natural hair regimen for my hair. This included  removing name-brand and specialty brands from my must-have list. For the past couple of months my products included shea butter, coconut oil, olive oil and neem oil. I did, however, hold on to two specialty products: Herbal Essence Hello Hydration and Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie.

I love my hair, that goes with out saying, so when packing I made sure to purchase a few items that I used in the past that did work. Along with me I brought a 32 oz bottle of Giovanni Smooth as Silk; only brought this because I was able to find the huge bottle, the 8 oz wouldn't have cut it for 4 months. Organix Coconut Milk and Shea Butter Milk as well as the Ion Puryifying Solutions for Hard water, shampoo only. I still plan to co-wash with the HEHH as that is easy accessible here in the UAE and use the SMCES when I'm rocking twist.

Yesterday I went on a hunt to find products that would work for natural hair in the UAE. I was floored by the prices as State-side I would paid an arm and a leg for the items that I found! I couldn't believe it! I am so eager to wash my hair and starting experiementing, however I've been told that the water here is not the best for your hair. Insha'allah! I plan to purchase a bucket and use purified water; a spray bottle for daily moisture and plenty of coconut oil!

Speaking of coconut oil...
There are two main shopping marts in the UAE, Carrefour and Lulu's. Both are comparable to Walmart and Target. I'm not sure which to call Wal-mart just yet, but I would assume Carrefour to be the better bargain. The prices are listed in takes 3.67 dirhams to make one American get ready for these ridiculously cheap prices!!

16 oz bottle of Coconut oil @ Lulu's 7.90dhs = $2.15, no tax!

32 oz Sesame or Almond oil @ Lulu's 27.80dhs = $7.70

32 oz bottle of Coconut oil @ Lulu's 11.75dhs = $3.20, no tax
8 oz bottle of Almond oil @ Lulu's 14.90dhs = $4.05

Found HE, some Ausie, Pantene and Sunsilk, but not Suave or Vo5

Vatika is very common here! Shelves and Shelves full.

Various brands of Henna, not sure which is best! Will ask around

Henna for 34 cents, yessssss 34 cents! @ Lulu's

Styling Utensils @ Carrefour

Hair product aisle @ Carrefour, various selections! Tons of Vatika
and even other items I'd never heard of or had time to read about!

My search is not over! I am going to inquire once I warm up to a woman as I am standing in the hair aisle one day! Then she is going to take me to this amazing store that will be my hair heaven! She will show me how to make my hair long, strong and beautfiul. But until then, it's goin' to be me and these protective styles!!



  1. Okay, so I am going to have to send you some money so you can go shopping for me! Lol, great deals especially for coconut oil. :)

  2. Ok so ummmm I'm bout to paypal you some dough in exchange for some Henna & Vatika! bout that!!! OOOOH WEEE! you hit the jackpot!

    Glad to know you made it safely!

  3. Yes, I've hit the jackpot in more ways than one. But the saddest thing: NO ALOE VERA GEL or JUICE!! awww man! But, there is rose water so I am planning to use that in exchange!

    I think i might just load up on oils and distribute tehm when I get home! I gotta look into the purpose/use of some of these oils mustard seed and 2 others..can't recall the names

  4. Anonymous14/1/13 01:14

    You can get Aloe vera juice from health food stores and pharmacy's.
    I get mine from Marina Pharmacy 32FL OZ for DH50.00

  5. Anonymous15/7/13 12:23

    Hi, honestly, I skimmed, but I'm moving to Dubai. Have you seen Shea Moisture or Aussie products there?

  6. Hey there , I bumped into your blogpost while looking for she's moisture in Dubai; to be honest I can swear to Vatika products including their deep conditioning and coconut oil; however there are done products I still don't find here like Shea moisture n Organix, I just hit a few while I was stateside and I'm looking to replenish but can't find them anywhere . They have it on but they are so bloody expensive so still looking for where to find them.

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  8. Hi Kay, we are distributors of natural hair and skincare products based in Dubai. We would love you to try some of our products. Please call us on 04 380 9571. We look forward in hearing from you soon.

    Thank you.

  9. Anonymous23/6/15 14:31

    Hey there, just wondering where you got your neem oil from in dubai? I badly need it for my scalp psoriasis. Thank you

  10. Hello ladies so I have transitioning hair and would love to try some curl enhancing products on my hair. Where is the best place to get some Carrefour or Lulu and which brand


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