August 5, 2011

All Caught Up #naturalhair

Before you even read this post, I want you to imagine your favorite song just came on!! Drop-drop-drop-it-like-its-hot...wind it up girllll....wind it up real quick. Now find your groove and just snap-bounce-snap-wit a roll...snap-bounce. Put on your "you don't want none" face... Okay, now your ready!!

On October 10th I will celebrate 3 years of being perm-free. Unlike many natural hair divas, I decided to hold on to my permed ends and slowly snip them away. A process I continued for 18 months. On April 21st, as my way of going green for Earth Day, I walked into Ambiance Salon in Tallahassee and kissed my ends  to the wind. From that day forward I began a journey to have healthy, EVEN hair. I wasn't concerned with having long hair, I just wanted the front length to match that of the back.

It has been 15 months and 12 days since I began this journey, but I am proud to say that by following a strick hair trim regimen of 1/4 in the front and a 1/2 in the back, my consitency has resulted in EVEN HAIR and at a point where my length wasn't sacrificed!! Although I am back to the length I started 2011 with, I am happy! As we begin to bring in the new year, yes I'm starting early, I am seeking to retain length through the use of protective styles. I will only straighten my hair 3 times a year: December, April and August. #thatisall

And there you have it folks!! I'm comfortable in my hair finally!! I can unwrap it and allow it to fall any way it falls and not feel insecure about the way it looks! My next move is my grow out challenge! Protective styles will be my regimen! I've recently moved to the UAE ( and plan to wear protective styles until I return home in December! I hope to gain and keep 2 inches! That'll put me 4 inches closer to bra-strap length!!


  1. Looking good sis! The progress is amazing!
    I pray you are settling in well in the UAE!


  2. I'm drooling over your hair right looks gorgeous!!!!Yyou're doing great!!!

  3. You're hair looks so healthy & pretty! Nice tip for getting it even!!!

  4. "you don't want none" face" LOL

  5. Anonymous24/8/11 10:41

    looking good girl!

  6. WOW your hair is AMAZING!!! Now following :)


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