October 19, 2011

Getting Ready And....Yikes!

Speaking of uninvited guests...
*sigh* Exactly 3 months after my "other side of my 20's" bday...I find a gray hair...
Seemingly...it's been there for a while...its 3 inches long...and the end is slightly blond...
And I'm not quite sure how to respond...
In case you need a closer look...

But my twist looks deeeee-lish! Ignore the particles...that's sand! LOL..I live in the desert!
 As for the strand...I'll keep it! I want to see how long it grows! HAHAHA! Typical!


  1. It's beautiful! LOL @ your expression in photo #1.

  2. Haha. I found one those in my head recently... Weird, b/c it's my SECOND one, and I'm only 23 yrs old! I think it's kinda cool, though, because I wonder if its location will determine the future pattern. Like, wouldn't it be cool if you had Cruella de Ville-esque hair or something like Stacy London (from What Not To Wear)?

  3. I had a gray at like 25 and I was surprised but one day it must have either fell out or gotten tugged out by accident because it was gone. I haven't seen anymore but I welcome 'em :D means I've got me some wisdom!

  4. Oh honey! Try 4-6 of them in that exact same spot! Mine came along after graduation, once I was officially working. They won't dye so I chose to love them. I think God put them there for a reason :) Love the blog boo!

    10BA05 aka MaryJohanna


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