October 18, 2011

Lady Klaar: On Second Thought...

This whole living alone thing is mind boggling. No, seriously...I can't seem to make my mind up about anything! Do I want peach paint or do I want blue paint? Dark wood or light wood? Office or extra bedroom? Mafi mallum (I  dont know)  I've been told I like being in control, but dag nabit, I sure do miss having the second opinion of others! And even though Mr. Wright would say, "whatever you like, babe.." I could usually gauge which one he was leaning towards! *sigh*

So here's the dilemma...Initially I was interested in purchasing a tan/beige couch. But, in all aspects of my life, I am trying to incorporate color. So then, I was left to decide between a plum purple or a robin's egg/baby blue. Why these two colors?IDK, something different...a bit exotic...random...eclectic...I'm exploring here! In two days the couch will be delivered...and I'm having second thoughts! If I had wood floors, I would have stuck with the beige couch, but the floors are beiged tiles.. Ha! No I'm not marrying the couch, but I am getting cold feet! I'm not certain how well it will blend with the ZEBRA rug I just knew I had to have! And also, its not so much the color but the weird shape that is ever-so-present here in couch selection!

But this is where I'm heading...do chime in!

This is the girly version of what I want!

I think this is rather masculine..but...trade the red for purple...add some lace to soften..


Country...but...weirdly..I like it!

I like the contrast of the dark, blue and green! Other than that...keep it!

So...I'm thinking...purple...green...gold...and pops of orange...we shall see!

Its a bedroom, but the colors

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  1. Definitely go for a color couch! I have a beige one & I'm thinking of reupholstering it to add some pizzazz to this "blah brown" living room. I like the girly/feminine photos here!
    Have fun with your decisions:)


I sincerely appreciate the comments! From one selfless person to another, thank you!