October 16, 2011

Goodies for my #NaturalHair

In a matter of 20 minutes my hair will be saying: "ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!" In preparation to teach overseas, I had researched a few methods to use in order to prevent my hair from drying out and becoming brittle and downright unhealthy. However, my assumption that this country would sell Aloe Vera Gel subject my hair to brutal days and moisture-less nights. Let's just say I got lucky.

A friend of mine returned to the states due to a death in the family and brought back goodies! There is a weight limit on your checked bag and so I tried to keep my order to a minimum. Far from surprising, I ordered beauty items! I requested my infamous AVG and she was so sweet to bring me a 16 oz bottle! This alone had me about to do cartwheels! I also ordered another container of SMCES, I'm due to run out in the next month and I also put in for some mascara. Granted I can find that here, the price is just some where near ridiculous! I'm talking 25 US dollars! Exxxxxactly!

And seeing as how my hair has been in protective styles since I've been here, I was interested to see how long the strands had gotten in 2 1/2 months! (yes...it's been that long!) Brother dear, brother dear! I can't wait to see it straight in December! 

Remember...unofficial...so...note where my shoulders are! HAHAHA


  1. Your hair looks very healthy! I love me some aloe vera gel & smooth enhancing smoothie myself. Definitely staples :).

  2. I love the color that's in your hair! I am so with you on the Shea Moisture. Haven't tried aloe vera gel before so I've gotta check that out. I hope to be joining you in January and will be sure to pack a couple of jars : )

  3. Nice friend to bring you beauty goodies! You are my hair inspiration to nurture & grow my pain-in-the-front section/temple areas of my hair. It is significantly shorter (& far more uneven) than the rest of my hair:(

  4. Your hair looks good. And $25 for some mascara?! Oh my goodness!... How much loner will you be teaching abroad? Is it until December? or is December just the month that you get a break for the holidays?

  5. @Miss Esspi...yes! Today my hair feels so alive and soft and supple...I know...a lil too far...but it does! LOL

    @Renegade Behavior? Joining me? As in Abu Dhabi? Wal-lah? (Really?) We must chat..email me lovenwright@gmail.com!!!!

    @Marie...yay! I know what you are going through! Honestly..it took me some where near two years just to accept that it wasn't healthy and therefore wouldn't grow! And then it took me some time to accept that I would have to sacrafice long hair for a short (2 more years) period of time. I am finally to a point where I feel comfortable wearing my hair down and out! Please jump on board now! If you are like me, you will kick yourself for not doing it sooner!

    @Jhan! Giiirrrlll! Okay...wont be me! I was goin to wait until December to purchase..but when I found out she was going...check mate! My contract is for two years, so I'll be here, inshallah! (God willing) Yes, Dec. I get 3 weeks off and I plan to go home for a wk. Long story short, any longer and Uncle Sam would tax my money! Mafi Shukran (No, thank you!)

  6. Your hair looks beautiful, so glad your friend was thoughtful enough to bring you some goodies back. Can't wait to see how much longer it is.

  7. It looks soooo healthy!! I'm glad you were able to get your staples. Shea Moisture is gradually becoming my staple hair line. I like things from other lines too, of course, but if I had to choose just one line to buy all my products, it would be Shea Moisture.


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