October 12, 2011

G.Y.M.U.: The Urge to Splurge

If you've ever taken the time to peruse TheOtherSideOfGreenwich, then you know that I live in an area that is secluded from civilization. Perhaps you haven't? Well, the closest town from my front doors is 90 miles away. Meaning, it takes me nearly an hour (the speed limit is 86) to reach a real grocery store, a movie theater, a swimming pool, an American fast food restuarants or even a shopping mall! Yes, I know...remember I am the one who lives here! So this means, whenever I go in to town, I must combat the urge to splurge!
Madinat Zayed, Abu Dhabi

The plus side to living in this remote area, I don't spend as much money! It is extremely easy to follow a budget because the places where I would spend my money aren't accessible. However, once I'm back in the big city, the options are endless! In Abu Dhabi alone there are at least 20 mall; literally right around the corner from each other! These people believe in spending money and the stores here include Zara, BeBe, TopShop, as well as a few other European names that have the cutest clothes.

So, with the overabundance of places to shop, this makes it easy to achieve one of my goals while here: Establishing my signature style. But with so many options and at reasonable prices, a girl can get lost and buy everything fashionable and trendy. Which is not the plan! Here are a few things I am planning to do to keep myself focused on my 30~flirty sig style:

© Decide what pieces you need to purchase
      After some review, I realized that my wardrobe was very dark and dismal: gray, black, brown, white; in essence it lacked a bit of punch and pizzazz. I don't think my wardrobe fits my personality; infact, I've allowed my profession to dictate the pieces I purchased in the past. Very modest and controlled; not that I'm looking to let it all hang loose! But, I want the new pieces I purchase to be geared towards my personal wardrobe! 

© Play with colors
      As mentioned previously, my profession has controlled my shopping experience for some time. The darker colors were selected because when I am sitting on the carpet with students, my clothes are destroyed! Recently I asked a few ladies which colors would they advise...and in the last few months I've played around with these colors and have decided on a few signatures.
Pantone Fall 2011 colors are playful and vibrant
© Surf the web for inspiration 
      Isn't it a lovely resource? It's amazing what you can find on the web; positive and negative. For a while I thought I would be a slave to Arabic TV; thought I'd miss BasketBallWiveLA! But thanks to handy, dandy google and yahoo, luck has it I can stay connected. Not only can I get back tv shows and the juicy gossip of American Celebs, I can also stay up to date with the latest fashion! I know, style vs. fashion, however, there are a few stylish pieces that just happen to be fashionable and I want them all!
Found an uber interesting article (actually 3 part series) on developing your signature style! This is a definitely a must read!
Date Night Chic
Love this look! However, I would need to flip the pattern to the top!
© Choose 5 to take home today!
      In efforts to stick with a budget, I can't go into the mall and say I want to purchase it all! I mean, I could, but I would sincerely regret it come tomorrow morning! Small steps lead to giant leaps! So with that, I'll identify up to 5 pieces that I need to shop for! Believe me it will be hard not to snag those black, gray, brown clearanced tops, but if I truly want to be TRUE to myself, I'll make it happen! 

Things I'll be looking for: loud colors, bold prints, and chunky accessories

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