October 9, 2011

It's a wrap!

I think I will be on a permanent protective style challenge as long as I live here!

My hair has suffered tremendously from the brutal water and unforgiving sun. Lucky for me, wearing a turban to work is the norm and various designs can be found at just about every store! For that reason alone I've worn headwraps each and every day for the past two weeks. Underneath, my hair is simply braided in 4 cornrows topped with a silk scarf. Nothing fancy; in every way protective. Every day I moisturize with my rosewater/coconut oil spritzer and head to bed! When I do wash my hair, I do so when my hair is braided and with bottled water, focusing on my scalp!  Additionally, wearing a turban to work makes the deep conditioning process a whole lot easier!

Currently there are 10 scarves in my collection! Seeking a Royal Blue next!
What other colors am I missing? Yellow...Zebra print...
I'll be honest...I don't think its the most becoming style, I mean its cute once and a while, but everyday?! Okay, I'll just go ahead and say it: I miss wearing my hair loose.

Wanna see a few funky turban styles:

Solange's entire look screams retro to me! A woman of my own heart!
Although I wouldn't wear this outfit,  I'm diggin the plum lip!
And she's in need of a clutch!
The only downside to wearing a headwrap: your face has to be on point!
Now that it's the focal point and not your hair, brows must be arched!
Love it! Buuuuttt, this is where you draw the line between norm and abnormal!
Cute, but not professional! Save it for the weekend please!

My day to day urban wrap! Soft and subtle


  1. Just wanted to pop in & say...Hello:) Hello Kay! LOL

  2. Hi! Where's the picture of you and your scarf? I need a tutorial!

  3. Hugs and kisses to both of you! I will be posting a few pics later. I'm not turban guru, but I've found a few cuties I rock!


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