November 13, 2010




IJS! She was the bomb! Yessssss....

Now I'm not gonna front- JCPenny really thinks that they are a high end salon! I was floored when she said "well if I do a dry cut I'm going to charge you $26." She, for sure, read on my face you got me bent because she responded "I'm a master stylist, girl!" So you know what I was thinking, 'do what you do then boo!'

Before she even touched my hair, she listened to me tell my hair story and my expectations. I've been to many hairdressers who just jump in and cut every strand! They could careless about what you have to say and what style you'd like-but not her.

I told her about my 1/4" front and 1/2" back. She looked through my hair and made a few suggestions and then cut precisely what I asked her to do! No more, a little less-but I still had my length! I'll definitely be going back to Ms. Cerise!

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