January 6, 2011

{G.Y.M.U.} Free Food Fridays!

Can you believe it? It's Thursday already and for many of us this marks 24 hours till happy hour at 5!! But, before you figure out the when and where's of tomorrow's Lady's Night, consider how you could save a few dollars today!

That's right! Coupons are the name of the game when it comes to keeping your cash in your stash! I found these coupons for Friday's and Friendly's and I even have one for Ruby Tuesday that includes $10 off an entree when you purchase an entree. Just about all coupons are found in the Sunday paper and online via several couponing sites. {here} {here} {here} In some cases they are delivered via snail mail to specific households because of third party mailing distributors. Lucky for me, my co-worker is not an avid couponer like I am and willingly brings me the Sunday paper every Monday morning, which saves me $2.00! Likewise, instead of spending to save, start with online websites that offer free subscriptions and give free coupons as long as you have a printer!

Recently, my mother-in-law-to-be informed me of a website that could save you up to $60.00 when dining out in your area. Stoked and a bit apprehensive, I was sure she was able to find great finds due to the fact that she lives in a metropolitan city. However, I looked at the website and was pleased to find a few locally owned restaurants with great bargains! Now, you won't find Red Lobster, Chilli's or any other nationally knowned chain restaurants, but it's an opportunity for you to be a bit adventurous - widen your prospective!

Would you rather pay full price or use the coupon?


  1. Anonymous6/1/11 23:17

    Love coupons!! I use them a lot too if I want to dine out in a local restaurant, thinking of helping local business to grow too

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  3. I clip coupons but I need to do a better job of actually using them when I purchase items. I always want to kick myself when I remember after the fact.


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