January 5, 2011

Lady Klaar: Me. My Style and I

Referring back to the 5 Keys of Success to being a lady, the second encourages you to identify your personal style. I'd like to introduce you to my personal style. I'll be completely honest, it has taken me many years and several conversations with my friends coaching and rubbing my ego to get me to accept my body type. For a very long time, and heightened around the time of my ear patches I was embarrassed of myself. But now, just like I have with my hair: I've accepted it! It is what it is!

In reference to this body type guide I would agree that I have a balanced  vertical body with a pear shape horizontal body. It has its pros and cons. I adore my full thighs and hips but they limit the type of pants that I can wear!  For this reason alone, I've decided that in 2011, I wont buy anymore pants: only dresses and skirts! By the time I turn 30, I want to wear only skirts and dresses! In this case I'll be showing a bit more leg but I've always loved my legs!! In fact, I wear pointed toe flats to elongate them even more! This is only a mere glimpse of my collection.

From the waist up, I have a very flat chest. No other way to put it! I vowed to be completely honest in 2011, no sugar coating here! Did I ever think about getting the surgery? Yea, but I can spend my money on better things. Additionally, with this body type, pear shape, it states that your shoulders will be rounded, not so much! But due to my smaller chest I am able to pull off the look seamlessly. I've found a new love for blazers and cardies, scarves, big necklaces, long earrings and more recently prints and plunging necklines!

At the end of the day, I'm very simple. I could wear a t-shirt and jeans every day of the week and be just fine. I still question my style and wonder if I've got it right everyday when I leave the house. Its never been an innate thing, I've always had to think about it! But as I move into my 30's and am eager to be more of a Lady and not just a Woman, I must find the style that sets me a part from the girls! One day I wish to be flawless..fierce...fabulous and classy!

What's your body type? What pieces do you suggest others who have similar body types add to their wardrobe? 


  1. I too am pear-shaped. I am 5'7" and weigh around 165 lbs. I would suggest pairing slimmer silhouette bottoms with wider tops. That way, your are able to still emphasize your waist and stay true to your shape. And I don't really know how else to explain it, but it just looks good overall. Short, flowy dresses with an A-line bottom and a cinched waist is also figure-flattering.

  2. P.S. I love dresses too. I would seriously love to convert my entire wardrobe to dresses if I could. :-)

  3. girl u look GREAT! i love your style. that dress is awesome! I almost killed my computer last night when trying to comment on ur last post and it wouldnt go through...now i will comment on the Weave post! love your blog!

    xoxo Monroe

    Fashion Steele NYC

  4. Yay for only dresses! I'm trying to do the same actually!

    Btw, your style seems absolutely lovely. You'll have to make an appearance on my blog sometime!


  5. Anonymous5/1/11 18:07

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  6. Anonymous5/1/11 18:10

    I'm a pear to!!!! I'm only 5'2 And I'm OBSESSED with dresses and skirts. I found that dresses and skirts that compliment me most have an empire waist. I also am drawn to high waisted pencil skirts and dresses that are paired with a nice belt. I stay away from balloon bottom dresses and skirts because they seem to have a widening effect and I'm already hippy so I don't need that! Lol :) btw I LOVE that dress to, esp the cinched shoulders.

  7. Fabulous Hicks9/1/11 23:42

    Yes, this outfit is super duper FLY! The coffee color compliments your yellow toned skin. I like the use of taupe colored accessories....it adds character to the dress.

    Honestly, my body type is ummmm APPLE.... LOL but curvy.....let's keep it real. I'M FAR FROM A SIZE 6, BUT I AM WORKING OUT TO GET CLOSE TO IT. I cant wear turtlenecks because my body type will not compliment them without a minimizer bra. You have small boobs well, I'm a DD and its hard finding shirts that are appealing yet tasteful. Baby doll dresses are a big NO,NO- You will just look round. As well as too tight dresses without a pair of Spanx (Lifesaver). I try to highlight my assets.....and show off my curves! Always analyze your outfit 2x before walking out of the house!

    My style is Fly, Vintage, and Sexy. My wardrobe is full of skirts, dresses, and prints! I hate the thought of jeans, t-shirts, and suits. Slacks are boring so.....PLEASE throw a few away NWRIGHT- you have great long legs! My industry allows me to be creative and unique in my wardrobe, which I love. Wearing beautiful colors, prints, and details are important to me- it makes me feel girly, feminine and beautiful! #awwww

    Hope this help the non size 6 ladies!




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