February 23, 2011

{All Done UP} February 18th

Simply put: my schedule last week was altered due to early release on Thursday and Teacher Planning day on Friday! I was totally out of my routine!! Anyone who knows me personally knows..I like order and CONSISTENCY!! Saturday, I purposely left my laptop home while I ventured to Miami! I wanted to enjoy my day and not be held down by grading papers or typing on the computer. Needless to say, it has taken me a while to recuperate! Or maybe I've been lazy...no, I wouldn't call it that...let me get you up to speed!!

FRIDAY!! With the idea of no school, I decide to wear a wash and go! Let's just say that everyone was fascinated with how curly or how big my hair turned out. Although it is still lacks my desired shape and over circumference size, it is much better than what it was in June 2010! I rinsed with luke warm water, sectioned into fours, then applied a quarter-sized dollop of Herbel Essence Hello Hydration to each section. Using a wide-tooth comb, I detangled and moved on to the next. From here I applied an over sized elastic headband and wrapped with my t-shirt towel to pre-dry my hair. As I left the house, I removed the towel allowing it to fall naturally. I didn't frazzle, pouf or touch my hair for a whole hour. Then a little rearranging and wal-lah! Big hair, don't care...(um...yes I do)

I wore it like this pretty much all weekend, washing and detangling daily. By Sunday I was feeling a bit done with the afro and opted for a pony pouf: Same process, but palmed my tresses back into a high pony tail and then doubled my elastic headband. Secured, but not tight. Again, I didn't touch it, didn't bother it, didn't shape it - just let it do what it do, baby! Both of these looks work, but aren't polished enough for the classroom. Considering the students have come accustomed to me wearing my hair pulled back, it would be a distraction if I started rocking my curls daily. Perhaps as Spring Break approaches (which isn't until the last week of April, tell me about it) or during the last Month of school will open up more opportunities.

Other Happenings
30 for 30: It's getting old. I miss wearing certain pieces from my closet and am not enthused each morning when I pull on the same pieces from the week before. The first two weeks were fun, but now..I'm bored with my selection. Not to mention, the weather is warmer and CLEARLY I'm not interested in looking like a fool because I showed up in boots and stockings in 90 degree weather! #nothankyou. Now, I said I wasn't following all the rules that Kendi wants you to abide by! I am still figuring out my closet and well, this has helped me to figure it out even more! And so, I went shopping; know that I shop at Goodwill! So, quite frankly all of my pieces plus tax will equal your one XXI Forever piece without tax! I got 11 pieces and one pair of Nine West Shoes for $36.00! I'm LoveN these "new" pieces!

These are only the skirts!! The center piece has a top, I also bought a slip and a navy Blue Blazer

FINANCE: I have an event coming up in a month and initially I was going to miss a day of school, fly up on Friday, stay at a friend's-minus-the-friend for the weekend and truck back on Sunday night. So, I invited another friend to come and due to her budget constrains, offered to pay the hotel fees. To be totally honest, I was content with this plan! I was looking forward to the weekend, started planning out events, and then someone came up with a FABULOUS idea, get a same day ticket! Turns out, going this route saves me at least $300.00! It will be an early morning flight to one airport and a super late flight departing from a different airport! Multi-city! But for $300.00 cheaper #ICANdeal

WOMANHOOD: As I walked along the Hollywood beach Saturday and ate chicken wings dockside...I realized I need to get this body in shape! Okay, yes I'm slender, but woooo chile - you should see these thighs and this waist. I wasn't this way last year! I blame it on having summers off where I eat vanilla ice cream and brownies drenched in fudge or homemade lasagna with extra cheese. Oooooh, let's not forget my favorite meal selection: BREAKFAST FOOD!! I'm talking grits and eggs and bacon and french toast with butter and powdered sugar and syrup and strawberries and sausage and hash browns and fried apples all on one plate...YESSSSSSS*exhale*

And so, I started a diet, well I'm being more cautious about my calorie intake! Based on my BMI, I can eat up to 1500 calories a day, granted I work out for at least 20 minutes a day. If I do plan to work out, well 1200 calories. I am planning to eat 4 or more times a day and drink 2 glasses of water with each meal. One whole glass before I even start eating and one during. It's been since Monday and I feel different already. Sky, the dog, really enjoys it because I take her for a walk/run everyday. It takes 21 days to form a habit, I'm 14% there!

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  1. 1. I just looked at the details of your 30/30 outfits and I am amazed and how much your pay for things. I seriously need to learn to shop like you, especially since I'm a poor grad student.
    2. Girl! I completely understand the weight gain thing. I've gained wait in my bum parts and thighs as well, and my jeans do NOT fit! Also, b/c I'm pear shaped with longer legs and a shorter torso, many of my tops look frumpy on me. I might need to do what you're doing.... seriously!

  2. 1. It's apart of my effort to be frugal not cheap. There are some things I am willing to splurge on and there are some things..I'd rather not! Fashion is a here today gone tomorrow kinda thing and I have no problem be a season or two behind! LOL, I prefer classic pieces that exude Style or Fashion..I'm still learning the rules..and I love GW's for giving me the venue to try different things!

    Don't get me wrong...you can't go in and pull something off the rack in 10 minutes. I go in with an idea of what I want and find those pieces! On average, I spend 30 minutes searching and grabbing and 30 minutes trying things on. I don't like to spend more than an hour because I'll either get side tracked, confused or frustrated!~ G-dubs in moderation! And only once a week with a $10.00 budget!

    2. I just saw so many gorgeous bodies on the beach...male and female...toned bodies and hard bodies and then I saw flabby bodies and mushy bodies! I'm not interested in losing weight...if it happens...no love lost...but I just want to be in shape. I may have even used the word tone, but shooot! That means I would need muscle definition so in that case: this tire's got to go!


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