February 17, 2011

{G.Y.M.U.} Lola's Green Hair

I am sure, you like me, have several products that you have accumulated over the course of becoming a naturalista! I can admit, as soon as I read a review from a HAIRsisters who has similar tresses as my own, I am in line at Wal-mart with the product in my hand! In the back of my mind I know there is a 50/50 chance that this product may or may not do for my strands what it did for hers! I usually try a product three times before I determine a verdict. If it works, then it becomes a staple in my hair regimen and if not: well, to the back of the product bucket it goes to collect dust.

Been there, done that? Do you have a bucket as big as your laundry hamper full of unused, partially used bottles? Are you interested in getting rid of them? I mean, you're not using them, why hold on to things that are useless to you??!! Because I care about you, let me introduce you to:

I found this website and almost hit the roof!! Once you create an account, you can post your unused, partially used products for other HAIRsisters to purchase. Not only will you be able to purchase items at  discounted price, but you can also resell that item if it doesn' t work for you! This website is a great way to care for your hair and the earth! Reuse and Recycle.  According to the website, you can list products FREE until March 1st!! So, hurry, go, upload your post - remember February is a short month!

What products did you post?
What products are you looking for?


  1. Anonymous18/2/11 01:44

    new follower I love love love your blog. you're gorgeous!

    With that said, I've always been natural but I've never know what to do with my hair. Now I'm finding so many helpful blogs for styling my curls! It's great. I've tried a variety of products. I really like the good ole organic stuff as well as Kinky Curly and Miss Jessie's. all great hair products just really really expensive at times.

  2. Thank you so much for following :D

    Since the New Year, I have been on a natural product hair regimen {mental note, hair regimen update needed soon} and have used more water than I have ever used on my hair before. My hair appears softer, more pliable and extremely flexible, refering to elasticity. In addition to water, I've washed with Dr. Bonners Peppermint once, am due to wash tomorrow, have been using Herbal Essence Hello Hydration and my personal K for Konkashun! Its been about 2 months since my last trim and I believe I have 2 inches of growth.

    I am going to try and push my trim date to March 16th, which is literally right around the corner! Check back for the latest hair update...I'll give more details there!


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