March 12, 2011

{All Done UP} Thought you should know..

The final days of my eyebrow grow out are approaching! It's been 24 days!! I haven't decided if I am going to get them threaded or waxed. I think both achieve the same look, however, threading seems to last longer. I'm a bit apprehensive about getting them waxed as a part of me feels my skin is burnt in the process. Either way, I think I have a great canvas for the aesthetician!! **Excited**  Check out my hair growth below...I'll be getting my tresses professionally styled and trimmed one of these days...I know you're thinkin "Oh, you fancy hunh?" Just a lil!

December 2010 - March 2011

December/January 2010 - March 2011


  1. Niice!!! Your hair looks like it's gotten thicker. Nothing wrong with "fancy" in my book;) LOL

  2. yay!!!!!

    look at that growth! go girl!

    As for the eybrows, I start getting antsy around day 20 like ok somethigns gotta give..LOL! But I guess its a necessary evil to grow them back especially if you want to correct the shape etc.

  3. congrats!! i like to get my eyebrows done with threading!

  4. Your twists look so thick and pretty!!! I can't wait to see your eyebrows once you get them done. I know your struggle because my eyebrow hair is fine, too.


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