March 15, 2011

{Sneak Peak} Spring 30 pieces for 30 days!

Although I intended to start my Spring 30 for 30 challenge a few days ago, I decided to wait until I had washed all of the clothes that would be included in this go-round. I'm still ironing and tweaking a few items, however, those posted in the picture above are a go! I'll be sure to do a photo shoot tomorrow so you can see all the lovely pieces! I believe 90% are thrifted!

 I'm really excited about this trial and have deemed this collection: Safari Blues It's a mixture of denim, animal prints, floral patterns and bold colors - I'm reminded of a Priss amiss in the Jungle! I've tried to exclude any of the items I selected in my last challenge. More so because I can't wear those items due to the weather and also to remix other items in my closet. I'm still working on getting rid of stuff!! Even though trips to GW give me an excuse to shop! So, give me until the first day of Spring: March 21st -how perfect! Can't wait!!

Pick an item from the picture: Guess what article of clothing is it?
{a shirt, a dress, a skirt, pants, or jacket}


  1. My guess is that the olive green and white striped thing is a skirt, and the black and white polka dotted thing is a dress?

  2. oooh I cant wait to see!!! :-)


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