March 11, 2011

{G.Y.M.U.} Gimmie A Break!

It's what people are tweeting about, the topic that is flooding the radio waves and the center of debate on every news channel: Rising Gas Prices! In the past week prices have spiked 10 cents and if we look back to a month ago, we are paying 40 cents more per gallon. Although the current price of a barrel of crude oil is barely $100, which to most people would represent a decrease in cost, we are seeing an influx due to turmoil in Libya where Moammar Godhafi has prohibited access to oil-producing wells. We can also place blame on the lack of commercial trading; commercial vessels require barrels of gas which help to lower the at-pump cost for daily drivers.
So, how do you maintain a budget and not feel the pain at the pump? Is it even possible? Inevitably, the cost of gas prices will continue to rise and because life continues to go on, you will continue to purchase gas for your car. But there are some ways to be smarter with your dollar spent...or not spent!

Five ways to save on Gas Prices

5. Cruise Control
If your commute includes traveling on the highways and the byways, try to leave in a timely manner and before rush hour! Once on the road, cruise at the suggested speed and avoid cutting in and out of traffic! Setting the cruise control will help to eradicate the constant acceleration and hard breaking! Pick a lane and enjoy the view!

4. Clean Sweep
Are you that person who apologizes for the way your car looks when you offer someone a ride? Do you say, "oh, just move it over?" That use to be me; as a teacher I often carry home books, student reports and on occasion paperwork - go figure! With every 100lbs you carry in your car, you reduce your gas mileage by 1 to 2 percent. Granted, it may not make a huge difference in terms of mileage, it may make a huge difference to your passenger! Get on it - you've got too much junk in your trunk - literally!

3. Shop around
If you haven't curbed your impulse buying just yet, you may not be able to relate with this suggestion! Nonetheless, imagine! Just as you go searching for the very best pair of shoes to match an outfit, go on a search for the cheapest gas prices to match your budget. Checkout GasBuddy before heading to the pump to ensure your are paying the lowest price for gas! However, don't drive 90 miles just for a 5 cent difference!

2.  Plan your trip
Gotta go to Wal-mart, to the nail shop, the flea market plus you wanna stop by the mall and pick up an outfit for tonight - figure out the furthest distance first and work your way back to the house. Also, if there are two stores in the same shopping center, but on different sides, park in the middle and get your exercise on! 2 birds, 1 stone!

1.  Say, "Excuse me!"
Hand over your car keys for a "Mul-ti-pass!" *I used my Leeloo voice* That's right, hop on the bus, take the train, walk if you must: SAVE THAT MONEY, GIRLFRIEND!! The average monthly commuter pass costs $75.00 and depending on what your pushing can be a fraction of the cost of gas. Being a passenger will give you the opportunity to read, relax, reflect and stop rushing through life! And you wont have to text and drive!! BONUSSS: More tweets please @LoveNWright

With love to last a lifetime, Kay

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