March 8, 2011


  If you have been following on twitter @LoveNWright, you will know that I have been posting my #dailyeats for the past two weeks. My first week into my effort to tone my body included drinking 8 glasses of water a day, consuming no more than 1500, and, my favorite, dancing each morning in the car! In the first week I learned that water intake should be based on your body mass and not simply 8 glasses a day. ({total weight/2} /8) That puts me at 9 glasses! In order to tackle this battle of water drinking, I've been drinking a glass of water prior to eating and one glass while I eat for all 4 meals. Then at night I drink an additional glass of water with dinner.

Trying to maintain a 1500 calorie diet is a bit challenging. I find myself reading labels as I am shopping and recieve stares from the elderly (remember I'm in geriatricville) as if I'm the crazy one! In my attemps to tone and begin to live a healthier lifestyle, I have had to become very creative with the combinations of foods and the type of meals I eat! I absolutely love carbs: pasta, bread and cheese and would pay you a million bucks for sugar! Sadly, these food tote the greatest calories!! After two weeks of this diet, I must admit I am addicted to counting calories and have become a health fanatic! I'd never thought I would be able to be so focused when it came to food, now my next challenge is EXCERCISE!! Ugghhh!

Here's a meal I made this week!
Karen's Honey'd Chicken
*sans fat* (121 calories per serving)

6 drumstick (72c)
1/4c Honey (60c)
1/4c Soy Sauce (7c)
1 tsp. Vanilla (2c)
6 servings

1. Remove fat from drumsticks
2. Mix all ingredients with 6 cups of water
3. Place covered pot on stove on HIGH until water boils.
4. Turn stove to 6 and allow to simmer for 30 minutes.
5. Turn oven to 400
6. Turn stove to HIGH for 5 minutes uncovered.
7. Pour contents into a oven-safe bowl and cook for an hour
8. Remove and allow to cool for 10 minutes.

Enjoy with rice and vegetables.
With love to last a lifetime, Kay!


  1. Anonymous8/3/11 23:48

    good health is good. I'm the athletic chick so the excersise is no problem. however eating .... still working on it. But my coaches have always told me that the more you excersise the more calories you need...of course the good ones . It's important to eat in moderation, not necessarily cut off all the food you like completely. During training I eat a lot of pasta!

    Good luck!

  2. I'm trying to drink more water as well, but it's tough.

  3. more important than caloric intake is salt and fiber levels. did you know that a meal at McDonald's would cost you less than 500 calories?? but, you wouldn't exactly call that healthy eating because of the low levels on protein and fiber and high levels of sodium. keep it balanced.


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